In order to begin a successful fishery, the first step would usually be to source for fingerlings whose seller has a reputation for churning out healthy fishes. You may also want to consider sellers with fingerlings that match the size you wish to rear.

Buying fingerlings based on their price may not be a necessarily wise approach, as you could get fingerlings that are cheap, but have issues with their health. So, it’s wise you primarily ascertain the credibility of the fish supplier first-- by asking around to see if others who have had dealings with the fish sellers have been satisfied with it.

You also would want to verify from the fish supplier if there are measures to transport the fingerlings to your pond. The method of transportation of the fingerlings to your pond is very vital because, if after purchasing these fingerlings, they aren’t properly transported to their ponds, you could end up losing most, if not all of them.

Another important consideration is the way you intend to stock the fingerlings being purchased; stocking rates would often depend on the specie and management objectives.

Any good fish supplier will either make all of these available or advise you on how to achieve them. We don’t just sell fingerlings to our numerous customers; we make provisions for their transportation and offer advice on how to properly stock them up.

We have a reputation for selling healthy fingerlings that have the propensity to grow into big fishes. So we urge you to enquire about us, and reach out to us once you have successfully done so.

More so, we show our customers empathy all the way. That’s why we have been known to have replaced dead fingerlings for our customers because we are concerned about their business.

With us, you are sure that when you call, we will always be there to answer. We will always have your back, at least till we see that your fingerlings are well settled in.

Give us a call today so we get started!