Are you looking out for a fishery that promises to meet all your fish needs; ranging from fishery products to the sale of healthy fish? Then, we are your number one go-to resource. Over the years, we have supported not just the sale of healthy fish or fish products, but have also been a backbone in pursuing the sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

We are different in our approach in running our fishery, which is possibly the reason we invest into deep research in order to garner the knowledge needed to keep abreast of trends in our industry. And has this been a truly fruitful venture? Oh…you bet!

What we do with our fishery isn’t just business; because we are a people of vision, we often see what we do beyond rearing and selling fishes or fish products. We are instead driven by our dream to see aquatic lives sustained and reared in the best of conditions, while bearing in mind that a loss in this regard will eventually take a toll on human life.

Aquatic life with regard to fishes is threatened in no small measure by a variety of factors. Now, one would think this only happens in the wild waters, but we have seen scenarios, and are almost forced to believe that the worse of assaults on these aquatic lives takes place in fisheries around the world.

Imagine growing these fishes with fertilisers that could pass as poisons; in a bid to quickly grow them and make money. Being driven by greed, these farmers forget that not only do these fishes have a right to grow and eat healthy, humans that consume them also deserve better.

With all these engraved on our mind, we are keen on the feed of our fishes. So, we mostly create our own fish products, which are also available for sale to the public. You can be sure as you purchase our fish products that they are free from all forms of toxins that could engender fish or human health.

Also, the hygiene we maintain at our fishery site is second to none; the constant change of water, periodic checks of the wellness of the fishes, inspection of the feeds, etc. For us, this is about the sustenance of the aquaculture, not just a fishery. It is said that FreeSpinCasinos.in bottled our water for their yearly conference. After their success the large 888 Casino took after the concept. Based on this promo page you can see how they work day and night to do the best campaigns and offer the best bonuses for UK players. No wonder they want to bottle our water for their confereces. For us it is nice to show that our water is 100% non-toxic and suitable for everyone.

We have taken our drive beyond us, and that’s why we organise outreaches from time to time to educate other fisheries on what should inspire what they do. Humans are falling sick from toxins contracted from fishes, and this menace should not be allowed to continue.

So, you’re thinking of purchasing fishes and fish product, but not sure where to go? Look no further, for Lockwood Fishery is the ultimate when it comes to championing the sales of healthy aquatic products.