Are you looking to place an order for any of our fish products? Then, you have come to the right place. Placing order hasn’t been easier with our very efficient support staff and user friendly website. With a click of the mouse or a call put through to us, your order is as good as sealed.

Ok. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; right? To place an order either for fish products or for fingerlings, all you need do is put a call through to us, and our support staffs that are often available 24/7 will promptly follow through with your request.

We do home delivery, and depending on your request, you can relax knowing that we don’t store up orders, but follow through till it is received by you—and in perfect shape. Only after your signature is pended that your order was received in one piece, can we consider our job done.

You could also place an order by walking into our office, and filling a form. Our fishery is often out of bounds to non-staff, so you may not have access to the fishes directly. But you can be sure that all the products we have in our farm is often well spelled out for you – with also a visual simulation of the fishes for your more informed decision.

To make enquiries on any of our products, kindly feel free to send us an email or reach out to us via a call. You will be amazed at how promptly we will respond to you.

We are active on social media, so we encourage you to follow us for all the latest promotions and product offerings in our coffers.

We are your best bet when it comes to having a healthy fish meal. So we urge you to go right ahead to place that order, and don’t forget to thank us later because, one bite on any meal prepared with our fish will clearly spell the difference to you!