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Light, made out of composite plastic
Smooth adjustable disc brake
Size: #7/9

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Product Description

Lightweight composite plastic reels with smooth, adjustable drag. The large arbor makes it possible to retrieve flies quickly and pack enough backing line onto to the reel. A very affordable fly reel! Keeper offers great value for money!

Keeper is a fly fishing brand developed by Vision Group, a Finnish tackle manufacturer. The story of Keeper begins with a few simple ideas.

A wild trout is always a worthy adversary. Sometimes the fish inspects and rejects a fly repeatedly making us question who is smarter, the fly fisher or the fish? Whatever the answer, we can be 100% sure of one thing: the logo on your waders or rod means absolutely nothing to the fish. The only thing that matters is how well you are able to mimic the fish’s food source and how well you can offer your fly to the fish without frightening it. That is all it takes – at least if we simplify things enough.

Unfortunately, most of us operate within certain financial limitations. Fly fishing is basically about how we are able to deceive a careful animal in its own habitat. We go fishing to experience new things and learn by doing – the only proper way to learn. And the smile just won’t leave our faces while we are out there doing it!

If you agree with the above, please, do look into what Keeper has in store for you. Keeper offers high-quality fly fishing gear at very affordable prices.