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Beaded & Special Lures

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Additional Information

Fly Pattern

Ace of Spades LS, Black Dancer, Black Nomad, Cat Nomad, Cut Throat Cat, Cut Throat Cat Mini Lure, Cut Throat White Cat, Dawsons Olive Nomad, Deadly Damsel, Fire Dancer, G/B Ace of Spades, G/B Krystal Cat, Green Night Hotty, Green Pea, Hot Eyed Cat, Hot UV Taddy, Lime Dancer Lure, Mini Cat Nomad, Mini Dawsons Nomad, Mini Tango Nomad, Olive Cat Bunny Leach, Orange Nomad, Pink Shaggy, Sun Dancer, UV Cat, White Cutthroat Bunny Leech, White Krystal Cat, Yellow Dancer

Hook size

8 LS, 8, 10 LS, 10, 12 LS, 12, 14