Prospects for opening day 8th March 2008

1000 fish from 1lb12oz to 8lb will be stocked just days before we open. Last year 70 anglers caught 517 fish for a rod average of 7.3 with some anglers catching in excess of 30 fish. Bank anglers caught fish from all around the lake and found fish easer to find than the boats. Some good out of season browns to 8lb were caught last year, anglers are reminded that they must be returned as they carnt be kept untill 22nd March.

Lures such as Dawson’s olive and Nomad, Cat’s Whisker and Black Fritz fished on intermediate or floating lines take a lot of fish over the first few weeks, and slowly fished nymphs such as Buzzers, G.R.H.E, Pheasant tail and Diawl Bach fished on a floating line will catch a lot of fish.