Opening Day catch return Saturday 7th March 2015

59 Anglers have caught 430 Rainbows to 10lb.
Rod Average 7.3
93 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz
337 Rainbows to 10lb were returned
We had an S-Westerly wind of about 30mph for most of the day keeping all the boats close to the wood side. The Bank anglers who could cope with the wind blowing down the moor side had some excellent sport. Both bank and Boat anglers remarked on how hard the fish fort and the amount of fish hooked and lost in some cases more were lost than landed.
Colin Lynas caught twenty three and lost nearly as many off fishing an Intermediate line and Dawson’s Nomad from the overflow end of the dam and the culvert. Lee Renneberg caught twenty two from a very windy moor side keeping three for 7lb. Tom Keenan caught eighteen keeping three for 7lb. Mike Ayton caught seventeen on Cutthroat Cat from the overflow end of the dam and the moor side. Rob Mclay caught seventeen keeping three for 8lb 12oz from the old slipway. M French caught twelve wading near the culvert. D Parry caught ten from the overflow end of the dam and the moor side.
William Leitch and Derek Hare caught thirty one between them keeping eight for 25lb 4oz
there best fish was 4lb 12oz. Mike Taylor and J Conroy caught twenty one between them keeping seven for 20lb 12oz there best fish was 6lb. Steve Mills fishing with his brother John caught nineteen between them keeping 11 for 28lb there best fish was 4lb 8oz Steve purchased a second permit. John McGarrell caught fourteen, Mrs Olive Murray thirteen, Tim Grove eleven and Garry Coverdale ten.

Prospects for Sunday are excellent with the wind dropping off areas that couldn’t be fished today will be fishable tomorrow. We have six boats available for Sunday.