Opening day 1st March.

15 year old Alan Powell with an overwintered 9lb Lockwood Rainbow

61 Anglers caught 786 Rainbows to 10lb
Rod Average 12.9
86 kept at an average weight of 2lb 9oz

Bank anglers had some excellent sport on Buzzers and small lures. Robert Thompson 29 to 4lb on black buzzer fished washing line style from the moor side. Ian Vickers caught 24 on Orange Blobs from the Culvert, Dam and Jetty. Malcolm Jefferson caught 24 wading at the top of the wood side on buzzers fished under an indicator. Andrew Grabham caught 23 from both ends of the dam the moor side and high bank. Adam Greensmith caught 17 from the Whitby end of the dam. Dave Sanders caught 18 from the culvert. Steve Mills caught 13 from the High Back on a Sinking line and small black lure. Matty Lamb caught 13 from all around the lake. Colin Green caught 13 keeping 4 for 11lb from the top of the moor side. 15 year old Alan Powell caught an overwintered 9lb Rainbow from the overflow end of the dam.

Garry Coverdale and Scott Hansford 65 rainbows to 10lb fishing out from the wood side block. S Nicolas and A McPhail caught 47 between them keeping 8 for 20lb. Lee Cartmail and Mr Crisp caught 45.Paul Richardson and Paul Blight caught 41 to 5lb from the Wheelyboat. Lee Wilkinson and Conor Metcalfe caught 34 to 5lb 8oz between them keeping 10 for 36lb. Mrs Olive Murray caught 25 to 4lb on olive nomads.