Lockwood Beck Catch Return Sunday 29th to Saturday 5th May 2012

Yet another cold wet week keeping angler numbers low.

115 Anglers have caught 552
Rainbows to 12lb
Rod Average 4.6
173 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz

Sunday 29th
5 Anglers have caught 10 Rainbows to 3lb
Rod Average 2
6 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz

What a day we had 6to7c and continues rain from opening time to 4pm

Monday 30th
24 Anglers caught 179 Rainbows to 4lb
Rod average 7.5
24 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb.5oz

What a day today has been only two of the twenty four fishing failed to catch boat did better than the bank.
Derrick Grabham caught 14 from the top moorside block on buzzers and Pheasant tail nymphs. Ian Morrison had from the Holy bush on small dry’s. Rob Lincoln had 6 from the moorside.
Les Davison caught 33 on olive Zonkers and Cats Whisker fishing out from the point Malcolm Jefferson caught 27 on Cormorants and Buzzers from the culvert. John McGarrell caught 18 drifting down the Woodside on small shuttlecocks. Keith Morley had 16 from the point on small Emergers and Hears Ear nymphs. Paul Blight caught 9 and Steve Trafford had 8.

Tuesday 1st
13 Anglers caught 15 Rainbows to 3lb 8oz
Rod average 1.2
5 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb.6oz

The weather was awful today very cold with strong winds

Wednesday 2nd
15 Anglers caught 60 Rainbows to 12lb
Rod average 4
25 Fish were kept at an average weight of 3lb.

Andrew Grabham had 16 from the dam on buzzers. Stan Shipply caught 14 from the Dam on Orange Blobs he kept six for 15lb 4oz.
Mike Gadd caught the best fish of the week so far at 12lb. Tim Grove caught 8 on buzzers keeping 2 for 13lb 12oz his best fish weighed 11lb 4oz.

Thursday 3rd

23 Anglers caught 110 rainbows to 3lb 12oz
Rod average 4.8
24 Fish kept at an average weight of 2lb

Stocked today with 220 Rainbows and Blues from 2lb to 4lb
Good hatches of buzzers and olives had a lot of fish on the surface.
Glen Thompson had 16 from the point, Malcolm Vandy had 9 from the Whitby end of the dam on Cats Whisker keeping 2 for 6lb. Colin brown had 8 from the top moorside block on Shuttlecocks.
Ed Maloney fished on the 4hour permit and caught 5 from the bottom of the moorside on Cat’s Whisker he lost as many fish off.

John McGarrell Caught 21, 19 on Olive Crunchers fishing out from the point and 2 on shuttlecocks out from the jetty. Tim Grove caught 8 drifting from the jetty to the point.

Friday 4th

11 anglers caught 42 rainbows to 11lb
Rod average 3.8
25 Fish kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz

William Leitch caught 21 rainbows from the Woodside block Dawson’s Olive. Darin Parry caught 10 from the point. Les Speding caught 9 on small dry’s and nymphs. Colin Brown had 7 from the Dam. Its cold and wet this morning
Mrs Olive Murray returned a fin perfect 11lb rainbow caught from a boat out from the jetty on a 12 Klink Hammer.

Mrs Olive Murray caught 18 on small nomads Tim Grove had 16 on buzzers and small nymphs & Steve Trafford had 9.

Saturday 5th
24 anglers caught 136 rainbows to 4lb
Rod average 5.7
64 Fish kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz

At last the rain has stopped but it’s still cold
John Nutsford caught 5 from the point on buzzers. Robert Thompson had 4 from the dam on our 4hour permit keeping 2 for 5lb.
All 8 boats were out today. G Solomon caught 16 keeping 5 for 15lb 4oz. L Anker caught 16 fishing out from the Woodside. John McGarrell and Chris Mclean caught 22 keeping 7 for 17lb. Lee Wilkinson and Connor Metcalfe caught 17 between them keeping 9 for 26lb.
Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 9.15pm