Catch Return Weekending Saturday 9th August

Steve Mills 10lb 12oz Rainbow caught on Sunday 3rd

100 Anglers have caught 197 Rainbows to 10lb 12oz and 4 Browns
Rod Average 2
70 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz.

The lower water temperatures have resulted in a marked improvement in sport over the last seven days. Bank anglers are still catching most of their fish from the moor side, Small Black dry’s and wets are accounting for most of the fish.

Mike Ayton had a very good day in the windy conditions on Saturday fishing from the holy bush to the bottom of the moor side. Mike caught thirteen rainbows to 3lb on hoppers and buzzers with most fish taking very close to the bank. Steve Mills caught seven to 10lb 12oz keeping three for 18lb from the bottom of the moor side all caught on Yellow Dancer. Dave Miller caught seven from the top of the moor side on small black dry’s and wets. Garry Coverdale caught seven to 4lb keeping four for 10lb 4oz all caught on dry’s. On Wednesday Les Wheatley and Brian Lees both landed five from the bottom of the moor side both caught on Black Spiders. Both anglers were back on Friday and caught five between them to 4lb. Keith Bunnett caught nine over two trips no black hoppers fishing along the moor side bank. Dave Walker caught eight on hoppers over two days from the overflow end of the dam and the moor side. Anglers fishing on the last four hour permit caught up to five fish. Gordon Rooks fished on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday nights catching twelve rainbows to 4lb from the moor side.

Les Davison caught nine fishing out from the old slipway on Cats whisker. Disabled angler George Binx fished from the Wheelyboat and caught seven to 3lb. George caught all his fish from the bay at the top of the moor side on Klinkhamers and Shuttlecocks. Boat angler Brian Gardiner caught five fishing out from the old slipway.

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Last 4 hour permits are available from 5 pm.
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