Catch Return Weekending Saturday 8th November

Tom Roe with a nice 4lb 12oz Rainbow.

67 Bait Anglers and 16 Fly Anglers have caught 276 Rainbows to 4lb 12oz and 34 Browns to 3lb
Rod Average 3.7
249 Rainbows were kept and 34 Browns have been returned.
27 Rainbows have been returned by fly Anglers.
The Rod average for the 67 bait anglers including the browns that were returned was 4.3
The Rod average for the 16 Fly anglers was 2.5

Rod numbers have been a lot lower than we normally have for the first week of bait fishing.
Thirty Eight anglers had their four fish limits only fourteen failed to catch. As well as trout a lot of Roach and Perch were caught and returned. Maggot and swim feeder has accounted for a lot of fish. Anglers fishing worm and power bait cocktail are having less trouble with the roach and are catching some nice fish. Fly anglers are finding a lot of fish close in along the moor side bank.

Winter opening times.
Lockwood will be open for Fly and Bait fishing from 9am to 4pm
The bag limit will increase from Monday 10th November.
Saturday 1st November to Sunday 21st December:
No stocking will take place in November & December
£20 8 fish permit (no catch and release for bait anglers see rules 2 and 3).
£10 Junior 4 Fish permit (no catch and release for bait anglers see rules 2 and 3).
£10 Fly only sporting permit (anglers can keep four fish if they wish).
£ 5 Boat hire no Bait fishing allowed from boats. (Please ring to check availability of boats)
1. Only Fly, Worm, Maggot and Paste (Power Bait) allowed (no other baits or lures allowed to be brought on to the fishery at any time).
2. No catch and release for bait anglers (except for Brown Trout as they are out of season and must be returned to the water quickly and unharmed).
3. All coarse fish must be returned to the water quickly and without harm.
4. Barbless hooks must be used at all times.
5. No loose feeding allowed.
6. Swim feeders are allowed.
7. Only one rod per permit to be assembled at any time (if a reel is fitted to rod it will be classed as assembled).
8. Only appropriate tackle to be used (anglers with inappropriate tackle will not be allowed to fish).
9. All anglers must have a priest and landing net (all fish must be landed in a landing net).
10. No radios allowed on the Fishery.
11. No electronic bite alarms allowed on the Fishery.
Anyone failing to comply with the rules will be asked to leave the fishery immediately.