Catch Return Weekending Saturday 6th September

135 Anglers have caught 261 Rainbows to 5lb and 3 Browns to 4lb 8oz
133 were kept and 131 returned
Rod Average 2

It’s been another difficult week especially for boat anglers, bank anglers are still having the best sport with a lot of fish feeding close in to the bank along the moor side, point and either end of the dam. The best patterns have been Hoppers, Small Black dries, Shuttlecocks and Cutthroat Cats.

Steve Mills caught twelve from the overflow end of the dam six on size 14 black hoppers four on size 18 black gnats and two on cutthroat cats.
Andrew Greet caught four fishing along the Moor side on Black Hoppers. Ian Fenton caught four to 3lb wading at the culvert on small olive lures. Graham Hill caught eleven over two trips on Black Hoppers and Cutthroat Cats fishing along the moor side. Graham Frazer kept six rainbows for 15lb 8oz Graham caught all of his fish from the jetty. Sean Thomas caught eight over two trips from the overflow end or the dam keeping two for 7lb .Gordon Rooks caught five on Diawl Bach from the moor side. Gordon kept three for 8lb 8oz. Junior Tom Houlgate caught five keeping four for 9lb 12oz his best fish weighed 4lb all caught from the overflow end of the dam. Brian Gardiner caught four to 4lb 8oz from the dam wall.

Mrs Olive Murray landed nine rainbows to 4lb and lost six more Olive was fishing out from the culvert and caught all her fish on size 14 Black Shuttlecock’s. Malcolm Jefferson landed seven from the same area after losing his first four fish. Farther and son Ian and Carl Malpass caught nine between them keeping six and returning three.

Fishing Times:
Lockwood is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm
Day Boat 8.30 to
Part Day Boat AM (8.30am to 2.00pm) PM (2.00pm to
Last 4 hours from to (Permits available from 3:45pm)
All anglers should be of the fishery by 8.15pm.