Catch Return Weekending Saturday 30th August

Photo Paul Blight with his 12lb Rainbow

130 Anglers have caught 288 Rainbows to 12lb and 3 Browns to 4lb 8oz
113 were kept and 178 returned
Rod Average 2.2

The water temperature has been between 14 & 15c all week.

Anglers fishing small black dries and wets have had the best sport along the moor side and the Whitby and overflow ends of the dam.
Colin Brown caught fifteen rainbows fishing along the moor side from the holly bush to the point on a size 14 black hoppers. Steve Mills caught seventeen to 4lb 12oz over two trips from the moor side and point. Dave Walker caught eleven to 4lb 4oz from the overflow end of the dam on Tequila Blobs. Mike Ayton caught ten wading at the culvert on Cut Throat Cats. Paul Blight caught seven to 12lb over two trips. A Barker caught six fishing at the top of the moor side. Les Davison also had six to 4lb. Our junior anglers have been among the fish as well Tomas Ayton caught eleven from the dam and brothers Jacob and Lewis Myers caught seven to 3lb 12oz between them. Last four hour permit regular Gordon Rooks caught nine to 4lb over three nights on hoppers from the moor side and point.

We haven’t had many boats out and those that have been out have struggled to catch fish especially on the winder days.
Paul Drummond caught five on Sunday and eight on Monday this was after the thirteen to 4lb he had on Saturday. Mrs Olive Murray caught seven over three visits. Andrew Davison caught five to 3lb and Keith Morley caught three one of which was a lovely 4lb 8oz Brown.

Fishing Times:
Lockwood is open seven days a week from 8am to 8.15pm
Day Boat 8.30 to 8.15
Part Day Boat AM (8.30am to 2.00pm) PM (2.00pm to 8.15pm)
Last 4 hours from 4.15pm to 8.15pm. (Permits available from 4:00pm)
All anglers should be of the fishery by 8.30pm.