Catch Return Weekending Saturday 26th July

90 Anglers have caught 92 Rainbows to 5lb 4oz.
Rod Average 1
35 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz

We have stocked this week with 200 Rainbows, 175 were from 1lb 8oz to 2lb and 25 were from 3lb to 5lb.

The hot bright days have resulted in a lot of fish moving out into the deeper parts of the lake, when I went out with the fish finder on Saturday afternoon the surface water temperature was 22c in the open water and 23c around the margins. I found a lot of fish from 10ft down to 25ft down and a few were at 28 to 30ft in 35ft of water. There hasn’t been many boats were on the water and for some reason those that were out mostly fished with floating lines when sinking lines fished over the deeper water down the middle of the lake would be the best option and would give the best chance of fish during the day. Bank anglers are still catching some fish on a morning and later in the day and as we don’t have any weed problems at Lockwood the entire one and a quarter mile of bank is fishable.

Gordon Rooks caught a lovely 5lb 4oz blue one of three fish he caught from the wood side block on a Damsel unfortunately for Gordon his rod broke during the 15min struggle to land the fish. John McGarrell, Ken Shaw and J Anderson all caught six from the moorside bank.
Darren Seed landed three for 8lb Darren fished down the middle over the deep water and caught all his fish on buzzers fished 15 to 20ft down he lost a few off as well.

Float Tubes
Phil Stentiford fished from 12.30 to 8pm from his float tube on Thursday and caught ten rainbows to 4lb 8oz on hears ear nymph. Phil caught three from the deep water and seven fishing hard on the bottom along the tree line on the wood side bank.

Lockwood is open seven days a week from 8am to 10pm
Part Day Boat Morning (8.30am to 2.45pm) Afternoon (2.30pm to 9.30pm)
Last 4 hour permits are available from 5 pm.
All Boats should be back at the jetty by 9.30pm.
All anglers should be of the fishery by 10.15pm