Catch Return Weekending Saturday 20th September

Photo 7 year old Daniel Bunney with the 2lb Rainbow he caught while fishing with his dad

90 Anglers have caught 187 Rainbows to 5lb 8oz
89 were kept and 98 returned
Rod Average 2.1

It’s been awful weather this week, for most of the time we had fog and drizzle with only about 150mt visibility. Bank anglers are still having the best of the sport with a lot of fish feeding close in to the bank along the moor side, point and either end of the dam. The best patterns have been Hoppers, Small Black dries, Shuttlecocks and Cutthroat Cats. At the start of the week the water temperature at the jetty was 17c, by the end of the week it had falling back to 14c. At 14c I would expect sport to start to improve a lot as the fish start to come up out of the deep water and feed on or close to the surface again.

For the second week running Brian Gardner caught eleven from the overflow end of the dam over two trips. Colin Brown caught eight rainbows from the moor side on small black dry’s. William Leach, Clive Simpson and D Meek all caught four.

Yet again boat anglers have struggled to find fish out in open water as most fish are sitting from 14ft to the bottom in water from 20 to 35ft deep and no one has fished for them. Most of the fish that are being caught have been close to the bank. Peter and Ann Mclean caught fifteen between them fishing out from the jetty keeping six for 13lb. Sean Thomas caught nineteen to 4lb over three visits fishing out from the boat jetty. George Binks caught seven rainbows from our Wheelyboat all caught on Black Hoppers from the bay at the top of the moor side. Les Davison caught nine to 5lb 8oz over two visits fishing from the jetty to the old slipway. Steve Mills caught eight keeping four for 14lb and Steve Plouman kept four for 10lb 8oz.

Fishing Times:
Lockwood is open seven days a week from 8am to 7.30pm
Day Boat 8.30 to 7.00pm
Part Day Boat AM (8.30am to 1.30pm) PM (1.30pm to 7.00pm)
Last 4 hours from 3.30pm to 7.30pm. (Permits available from 3pm)
All anglers should be off the fishery by 7.45pm.