Catch Return Weekending Saturday 13th September

Photo:- Junior Tom Houlgate with his 4lb 2oz Brown Trout.
127 Anglers have caught 278 Rainbows to 5lb 8oz and 6 Browns to 4lb 2oz
117 were kept and 161 returned
Rod Average 2.2

It’s been another difficult week for boat anglers, bank anglers are still having the best sport with a lot of fish feeding close in to the bank along the moor side, point and either end of the dam. The best patterns have been Hoppers, Small Black dries, Shuttlecocks and Cutthroat Cats.

Colin Brown caught twenty three from the dam and moor side on small Black dries. Brian Gardner caught eleven from the overflow end of the dam over two trips. James Welford caught nine Chris Gaines eight and Garry Coverdale seven. Lockwood juniors were among the fish as well Tom Houlgate caught eleven over two trips keeping eight for 21lb including a lovely 4lb 2oz rainbow. And Tomas Ayton caught nine over two visits.

Boat anglers have struggled to find fish out in open water as most fish are been caught close to the bank. Shane Thomas caught twenty three to 5lb over two visits fishing out from the boat jetty and Keith Morley caught seven to 5lb 8oz from the same area.

Fishing Times:
Lockwood is open seven days a week from 8am to 7.45pm
Day Boat 8.30 to 7.15pm
Part Day Boat AM (8.30am to 1.30pm) PM (1.30pm to 7.15pm)
Last 4 hours from 3.45pm to 7.45pm. (Permits available from 3pm)
All anglers should be of the fishery by