Catch Return week ending 2nd June 07

Rod average 3.5

Average weight of fish kept 3lb 2oz

Bank and boat anglers have had some very good sport.
G Featherstone caught 22 from the bank keeping two for 19lb including the heaviest of the season so far at 14lb. Mark Walker caught 28 keeping 2 for 15lb. John McGarrel caught 15 best 12lb. Other good fish Graham Southam 12lb 1oz, M Jefferson 11lb 12oz, T Hodson 11lb, A Hughes 10lb 4oz, S Atkin 9lb 12oz, M Connorton 9lb 3oz.
Boat angler Dermot Speight caught 15 keeping four for 14lb 8oz. B and A Chapman caught 33 on lures keeping seven for 18lb 8oz, and L Davison caught 22 keeping two for 7lb 8oz.

Best Lures: – Dawson’s Olive, Dawson’s Nomad, Black Fritz, and Cats Whisker.

Best nymphs: – Buzzers, G R H E, Pheasant tail, and Bloodworm.

Best Dries: – CDC Shuttlecocks, Klinkhammers, and Daddies,