Catch Return week ending 1st April 07

Best rainbow 10lb Best Brown 5lb 12oz

Rod average 2.6

Average weight of fish kept 2lb8oz

What a cold week with strong northeasterly winds, Though some anglers did manage to catch quite a few fish Andrew Grabham caught 20 on lures from the dam, M Jefferson had 18 keeping 4 for 12lb from the dam, boat angler C Peters caught 10 keeping 2 for 6lb 8oz Les Spedding caught 14 from the high bank on buzzer and John Parker caught 8 keeping 4 for 10lb. Mike Ayton caught the biggest rainbow at 10lb John Urquart had one of 9lb 12oz and I Davison caught a 9lb 5oz rainbow. Graham Hill had the best brown at 5lb 12oz T Hughes had one of 5lb and Criss Macalif one of 4lb 12oz.

Prospects for Easter weekend are good with high temperatures forecast; fish should be on top with foam Beetle and CDC a good bet. Buzzers nymphs and Lures Should also take fish. And with 240 Rainbows and Browns to be stocked, 200 1lb 8oz to 2lb and 40 3lb to 6lb the head of fish in the lake will once again increase.

Best Lures: – Dawson’s Olive, Dawson’s Nomad, Black Fritz, and Cats Whisker.

Best nymphs: – Buzzers, G R H E, Pheasant tail, and Bloodworm.

Lockwood held the Airflo North-East and Yorkshire individual final on 31st March. 25 anglers fished for five places in the final at Elinor on 13th October. They caught 50 fish on a very cold day. Peter Crow won with 6 fish; Criss Macalif was second with 4 fish, Ken Moore third with 4fish, John Sutton fourth with 4fish, and Carl Nixon fifth with 4 fish.