Catch return week ending 15 April 2007

Rod average 2.5

Andrew Bowker won the Troutmasters final on Saturday with four fish for 9lb 8oz and a time bonus of 4lb total weight 13lb 4oz. 2nd Steven Fish 4 fish and a 2lb bonus for 13lb 1oz 3rd Mark Walker 4 fish and 4lb bonus for 12lb 8oz.

Boat anglers have started to have some very good sport. Joe Forster and Martin Ruddick Caught 43 fish between them on buzzer and blobs Martin kept 3 fish for 24lb 3oz (10lb 3oz 10lb and 4lb) the heaviest bag so far this season and Joe kept 4 for 16lb 4oz which included a superb over wintered 8lb 12oz rainbow. S Odell and A Scott caught 25 between them from a boat keeping 8 for 23lb 8oz.
Bank anglers were among the fish as well with Steven Fish catching 17 on Blobs and Buzzers, Steven returned one fish of 9lb 6oz, Graham Hill caught 16 on Viva from the point keeping 2 for 8lb, Mark Walker had 12 from the point on Okey Dokey. John Waller caught 11 on GRHE and Andrew Bowker had 11 on Damsels.

The Airflo regional team final for the Northeast and Yorkshire will be held at Lockwood on Saturday 21st the dam wall and a large part of the southern bank will be closed to none competition anglers from 8am until 5pm. Boats and the bank from the boat jetty to the point will still be available for fishing.

Stocking with 500 rainbows from 2lb to 5lb this week and with a further 50 10lb plus to come in the next 3 weeks anglers can expect some good sport.

Top Lures were Dawson’s Nomad, Black Nomad, Cats Whisker, Blob
Top Nymphs were Pheasant Tail. Black and Olive Buzzer, GRHE and Damsel Nymph.