Catch Return Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th December.

50 Anglers have caught 170 Fish. 122 out of season brown Trout to 5lb 8ozlb have been returned.

Rod Average 3.4

38 fish have been kept at an average weight of 2lb 3oz

Sunday 7th
33 Anglers caught 66 Fish. Rod average 2

Monday 8th
5 Anglers caught 16 Fish. Rod average 3.2

Tuesday 9th
2 Anglers caught 23 Fish. Rod average 11.5

Wednesday 10th
1 Angler caught 4 Fish. Rod average 4

Thursday 11th
4 Anglers caught 44 Fish. Rod average 11

Friday 12th
4 Anglers caught 17 Fish. Rod average 4.2

Saturday 13th
1 Anglers caught 0 Fish. Rained off

Permits are now reduced see winter fishing page

We open for Day Permits at 8am and close at 3.30pm