Catch Return Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th October

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 6.30pm or time posted in the Lodge.
Last 4 hour permit available from (This permit is only available from the time stated)
Part Day Boat Morning (8.30am to 1.30pm) Afternoon (1pm to 6.30pm)

Brown Trout are now OUT OF SEASON and must be returned.
Boat Anglers are reminded that they must stay 40mt away from Bank Anglers at all times this includes the area around the Jetty.

91 Anglers have caught 344 Rainbows to 8lb
Rod Average 3.8
52 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 6oz

Catch Return Sunday 6th October
16 Anglers have caught 50 Rainbows to 5lb 4oz
Rod Average 3.1
9 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 12oz

Sean Thomas caught 21 to 3lb on Hears Ear and Buzzers fished under an indicator from the high bank, old slipway and boat jetty. Les Davison caught 9 on Hears Ear. Mervin Sanders had 3 nice fish from the point on Dawson’s Olive. Dave Walker caught 3 from the Whitby end of the dam keeping the best of the day a fin perfect 5lb 4oz Blue.
Gary Wright caught 6 on CDC Shuttlecock’s fishing down the Moor side. Graham Solomon caught 6 fishing down the wood side on Cats Whisker keeping 3 for 7lb.

Catch Return Monday 7th October
18 Anglers caught 78 Rainbows to 6lb.
Rod Average 4.3
9 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 13oz

Boat anglers caught from all around the lake with most fish coming from the Woodside. Bank anglers caught from the Woodside and Dam.
Damian Hubbard caught 27 to 3lb from the point and dam. Michael Kilvington caught 8 from the dam on Dawson’s Olive.

Steve Mills caught 29 rainbows to 6lb on Cats Whisker.

Catch Return Tuesday 8th October
21 Anglers caught 119 Rainbows to 3lb
Rod Average 5.6
14 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 3oz

Colin Brown caught16 rainbows to 3lb on buzzers and small dry’s from all around the lake. Brian Gardiner caught 9 rainbows to 3lb and I 2lb Brown from the jetty.
Sean Thomas had his best ever day at Lockwood he caught 51 Rainbows to 3lb and 11 Roach on a small Brown Buzzer fished 6in under an indicator. Sean was fishing out from the wood side between the old slipway and the wood side block. Jim Tate caught 11rainbows fishing between the jetty and dam. P and D Johnson caught 10 between them.

Catch Return Wednesday 9th October

9 Anglers caught 26 Rainbows to 3lb
Rod Average 2.9
6 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 3oz

It was a very windy day but at least the rain that was forecast for most of the afternoon didn’t come.
Ian Morrison caught 16 rainbows from the jetty and overflow end of the dam on lures. Michael Kilvington caught 6 keeping 3 for 6lb from the jetty on Dawson’s Olive.

Catch Return Thursday 10th October
6 Anglers caught 10 Rainbows to 2lb
Rod Average 1.7
5 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 3oz

The gale force winds kept anglers away today and those who did come had a struggle in the wind, at times the gusts were so strong they lifted the line off the water making casting and line control very difficult. The wind is forecast to drop to 19-20mph tomorrow and swing more north eastly so all of the dam will be fishable and some of the moor side and wood side should be manageable. Boat should be able to fish the whole lake.

Graham Hill caught 6 on buzzers from the jetty.
Tim Grove was the only angler out in a boat to day he did manage one fish from the middle of the lake but found that even with the drogue out he was drifting to fast.

Catch Return Friday 11th October
10 Anglers caught 28 Rainbows to 8lb
Rod Average 2.8
5 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 3oz

We had another awful day very cold with a strong N-E wind.
Colin Brown caught 12 from the dam, jetty, old slipway and bottom of the moor side on small Klinkhamers and CDC Shuttlecocks. Damian Hubbard caught 9 to 3lb from the jetty on a buzzer fished 6in under an indicator.
Out of 3 boats out only John McGarrell caught fish he landed 3 and lost 4 off fishing three Black Crunchers along the wood side.

Catch Return Saturday 12th October
11 Anglers caught 32 Rainbows to 8lb
Rod Average 2.9
4 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 2oz

We had another awful day with periods of thick fog and rain or drizzle for most of the day.
Mike Ayton returned 17 rainbows to 8lb and 1 3lb brown. Mike caught all of his fish from the moor side and point with most coming from the top moor side block. Junior’s Tomas Ayton had 6 from the moor side and Will Freeman had 5 from the Jetty.

Only three boats out and only 3 fish caught with Olive Murray getting 2 of them on small Olive Nymphs.

Lockwood Opening and closing times for November & December
1st to 30th November FLY ONLY Open 9am Close 3.30pm
1st to 22nd December Bait Fishing Open 9am Close 3pm The fishery will close on Sunday 22nd reopening March 2014