Catch Return Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th September

143 Anglers have caught 279 Rainbows to 6lb 8oz and 19 Browns to 3lb.
Rod Average 2.1
92 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb. 6oz

Anglers are still having wildly differing fortunes with some having very good catches wile others struggle to tempt fish. We still have a lot of fish around the boat jetty and point although more fish have been caught from the moorside and dam and some boat anglers had fish from all over the lake.

John McGarrell caught twenty one fish P Drummond had twenty over two visits with most of his fish been caught on small Buzzers. Andrew Grabham caught thirteen from the wall near the jetty. Tony Rutter caught twelve from the point and Ian Morrison caught nine from the jetty.
Les Davison and grandson Ben caught twenty Seven on small dries. Rob Cowen and Pam Shields Caught twenty four between them keeping eight for 18lb. D Jefferson caught twenty one fishing Orange Blob under an Indicator just out from the jetty. Ali Tait caught fifteen fishing dries from a drifting boat.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 8.00pm