Catch return Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th July

81 Anglers have caught 181 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 2.2
49 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 3oz
132 Rainbows To 5lb were returned.

Sunday 5th July
25 Anglers caught 28 Rainbows
Rod Average 1.1
4 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb
17 Rainbows To 3lb were returned.

Monday 6th July
22 Anglers caught 47 Rainbows to 3lb.
Rod Average 2.1
16 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb.
31 Rainbows were returned.
Boat anglers had the best of the sport today with a lot of fish out in the open water. Bank and boat anglers caught most of their fish after lunch.

Colin Brown caught 7 to 3lb on small CDC Shuttlecocks from the point Colin fished from 8am and didn’t hook his first fish until 3pm. Paul Neesham caught 4 from the moorside on Shuttlecocks and Brian Gardiner had 3 from the jetty on Orange Blobs.

Steve Trafford caught 9 rainbows on a Hears Ear Shuttlecocks fishing up near the point. Stu Redpath had seven 5 on Cats Whisker and 2 on Muddler. Les Davison caught 4 fishing out in the middle of the lake on Muddlers.

Tuesday 7th July
16 Anglers caught 32 Rainbows to 3lb 12oz
Rod Average 2
9 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz.
23 Rainbows were returned

We had a lot of fish showing around the jetty and the point most fish were caught before or after the heavy rain and strong winds we had in the afternoon.

Before the rain came Jim Tate had 3 from the top moorside block and Dave Dickons had 2 from the point.
After the rain Bill Davison caught 8 keeping one 3lb 8oz rainbow all were caught on Buzzers fished under an indicator from the point and Junior Club member Josh Bennett caught 3 to 3lb 12oz from the point.

S Drummond and William Leitch had 10 between them on Emerging buzzers fishing near the point. Les Davison had 4 on Beetles fishing out from the point.

Wednesday 8th July
4 Anglers caught 18 Rainbows to 4lb
Rod Average 4.5
4 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 3oz
14 Rainbows were returned.

Great day for fishing with the cooler water and fish feeding on the surface all day.
Only one bank angler today Tony Legg netted 5 to 4lb from the Jetty and lost 4 more off all caught on Black Hoppers.

Mrs Olive Murray netted 5 to 3lb and lost 6 more off fishing Black CDC Shuttle Cocks fishing out from the overflow end of the dam. Colin and Richard Lynas caught 8 between them fishing out from the culvert on Dawson’s Nomads.

Thursday 9th July
14 Anglers caught 56 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 4
9 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz.
47 Rainbows were returned

Last week our water temperature was 20c and rising today the cooler weather has brought it back to 16c and the fish have responded. We had plenty of fish showing on top today, dry’s and emergers caught most fish and we had nearly as many fish lost off as were landed.

Colin Brown caught 5 rainbows to 3lb on small Hoppers from the moorside and Jetty Colin hooked and lost more than he netted. Ron Brown landed 4 rainbows on Shipman’s from the top of the moorside. Gordon Rooks fished on our last four hour permit and caught 3 from the moorside.

Tim Grove caught 13 rainbows to 4lb on Buzzers and size 16 Black Shuttlecocks fishing near the point. Visiting angler J Savage from Nottingham caught 8 Rainbows to 4lb on dry’s with most caught near the culvert. Mrs. Olive Murray caught 4 rainbows to 5lb on Black CDC Shuttlecocks fishing near the point, Olive was another angler struggling to keep fish on the hook. M Lamb and J Parking fished on our last 4hour permit and caught 7 rainbows to 4lb between them.

Current Fishing Times:
Bank: 8.00 until 22:15
Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21:30
Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 15:30 PM 15:00 until 21:30
Last 4 Hours – Evening from: 17:30 until 22:15
All Anglers to be off site by: 22:30