Catch Return Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th May

151 Anglers have caught 566 Fish
Rod Average 3.7
Average weight of fish kept 2lb 6oz
135 rainbows to 5lb were kept.

Sunday 3rd
40 Anglers caught 168 Fish
Rod average 4.2
39 Rainbows to 5lb and 1 Browns of 6lb 4oz were kept. Average weight 2lb 4oz

John McGarrell caught 11 rainbows and 5 browns on Black Buzzer fished 4ft below an indicator John had most of his fish from the high bank. Graham Southham caught 9 from the culvert on GRHE. Adam Greensmith lost the biggest fish that he has ever hooked at the net the rainbow of about 14lb was to big for his net.

Andy Dyke had his best days fishing ever catching 16 rainbows and 1 brown. Andy caught on dries when we had cloud cover and lures when the sun was out fishing near the top moorside block. Jonathan Smith had a good day as well catching 22 fish from the woodside.
Les Davison and grandson Ben had 18 fish on olive Zonker fished on intermediate lines 13year old Ben caught 11 fish.

Monday 4th
29 Anglers caught 108 Fish
Rod average 4.1
34 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz were kept. Average weight 2lb 12oz

John McGarrell and Dave Bachelor fished at the top of the wood side with buzzers under an indicator, John caught 15 and Dave 8.
Dave Walker persevered in quite a strong S Westerly wind and caught 10 from the top moorside block on buzzers. Robert Thompson caught 14 fishing above the top moorside block.
The strong winds restricted boat anglers to the woodside and point all caught between 3 and 9 fish on lures and nymphs.

Tuesday 5th
10 Anglers caught 33 Fish
Rod average 3.3
5 Rainbows to 3lb were kept. Average weight 2lb
The wind on Tuesday was even stronger than Monday keeping rod no down.
Norman Quigley caught 8 from the point.
Clark Mondal fished out from the point for 12 rainbows and 4 browns all caught on olive crunchers.

Wednesday 6th
16 Anglers caught 37 Fish
Rod average 2.3
12 Rainbows to 2lb 8oz were kept. Average weight 2lb

The strong winds are still with us and forecast to last into the week end. Jim Tate found fish on the dam and high bank catching 10 on buzzers. Walter Bearens had 6 and D Jefferson also had 6.
None out due to the strong winds.

Thursday 7th
13 Anglers caught 40 Fish
Rod average 3.1
8 Rainbows to 5lb were kept. Average weight 2lb 6oz

Strong winds have kept numbers low again Ian Morrison managed 8 and Andrew Grabham 7 from the dam. Derrick Grabham and Terry Sharp both caught 7 from the Holly Bush.
None out due to the strong winds.

Friday 8th
13 Anglers caught 51 Fish
Rod average 3.9
10 Rainbows to 4lb were kept. Average weight 2lb 10oz

Strong SW winds with gusts of up to 50mph have reduced the amount of water available to boat and bank anglers and kept numbers low.
Jim Tate caught 11 on buzzers fished under an indicator from the high bank. Paul Richardson fished from his wheelchair off the boat jetty and caught 3 on olive Nomad.

The John McGarrell caught 7 on a size 12 black buzzer fished under an indicator and Tim Grove had 9 fishing buzzers.

Saturday 9th
30 Anglers caught 118 Fish
Rod average 3.7
27 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz were kept. Average weight 3lb 2oz.

Yet another very windy day with gusts of 40mph stopping anglers fishing on the dam and most of the moorside.
Graham Hill caught 17 keeping 2 for 6lb from the top moorside block on GRHE. Colin Lynas caught 12 on Dawson’s Nomad from the top of the moorside. Billy Wilson caught 10 on GRHE from the top of the moorside keeping 4 for 10lb.
John McGarrell caught 18 on Black Buzzer fished under an indicator fishing 50mt out from the Boat jetty.

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