Catch Return Sunday 27th Oct to Saturday 2nd November

Colin Brown on the Left with a nice 5lb 8oz Blue and Martin Fidler on the right with a nice 7lb Rainbow both caught on White Lures from the dam.


Lockwood Opening and closing times for November & December
1st to 30th November FLY ONLY Open 9am Close 3.30pm or time posted in the Lodge.
1st to 22nd December Bait Fishing Open 9am Close 3pm The fishery will close on Sunday 22nd reopening March 2014
Last 4 hour permit available from 11.30pm (This permit is only available from the time stated)

Reduced Boat prices we only have four boats available. Boats will only be allowed out when conditions are suitable.
Day Boat (9.30am to 3pm) Now costs £8
Electric Out Board £5

51 Anglers have caught 113 Rainbows to 10lb
Rod Average 2.2
37 Kept for an Average weight of 3lb 6oz

Catch Return Sunday 27th October
8 Anglers have caught 10 Rainbows to 6lb
Rod Average 1.3
1 – 2lb 8oz Rainbow Kept

The very strong 30mph plus winds made fishing conditions nearly impossible only the jetty and wood side were out of the wind.
Junior Tomas Ayton returned 3 to 6lb from the jetty. Ken Shaw caught 2 from the wood side Block.
Les Davison caught 5 to 2lb 8oz on Hears ear nymphs fishing out from the old slipway.

Catch Return Monday 28th October
4 Anglers caught 21 Rainbows to 4lb 12oz
Rod Average 5.3
3 kept at an Average weight of 3lb 3oz

Les Davison caught 10 keeping a fin perfect 4lb 12oz rainbow all caught on Olive Zonkers 50 yds, along from the overflow.
G Smith and J Logle caught 11 between them on Orange Blobs and Buzzers fishing down the wood side.

Catch Return Tuesday 29th October
6 Anglers caught 16 Rainbows to 5lb 8oz
Rod Average 2.7
5 kept at an Average weight of 3lb 3oz

Les Davison caught 7 to 5lb 8oz from the dam on Olive Zonkers. Derek Hare caught 3 keeping 2 (4lb 8oz-3lb) on Minkeys from the dam. Brian Gardiner caught 3 from the jetty keeping 1- 3lb rainbow.
None out

Catch Return Wednesday 30th October
10 Anglers caught 16 Rainbows to 5lb 8oz
Rod Average 1.6
6 Kept for an Average weight of 3lb 2oz

Bright sun and a strong wind blowing on to the dam made for difficult fishing conditions.
Ian Morrison caught 7 from the jetty and Paul Blight kept a lovely 5lb 8oz rainbow.
Steve Mills caught 7 to 5lb fishing out from the jetty

Catch Return Thursday 31st October
4 Anglers caught 5 Rainbows to 3lb 8oz
Rod Average 1.3
4 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 6oz

Stocked today with 200 Rainbows from 1lb 12oz to 7lb
Only one angler on the bank on fish landed.
Junior G O’Connor caught 3 for 7lb 8oz. C Boxall caught 2 and lost 3 fishing out from the top wood side block all hooked on Cats Whisker.

Catch Return Friday 1st November
11 Anglers caught 25 Rainbows to 7lb 12oz
Rod Average 2.3
12 kept at an Average weight of 4lb 3oz

Colin Brown caught 3 to 5lb 8oz on White Lures from the dam. Martin Fidler caught one lovely 7lb rainbow from the dam. Juniors Tomas Ayton had 3 and W Freeman had 2.

Mrs Olive Murray caught 6 to 7lb on Cats Whiskers fishing out from the wood side. Farther and Son J and C Traves caught 6 between then on Olive Nomads with Chris keeping 3 for 19lb 4oz (7lb 12oz-6lb and 5lb 8oz)

Catch Return Saturday 2nd November
8 Anglers caught 20 Rainbows to 10lb
Rod Average 2.5
6 Kept for an Average weight of 4lb 3oz

For the second day running most of the fish kept have been over 4lb.
Mike Ayton caught 7 to 5lb on a small Olive lure from the dam and moor side. Dan Sefton caught 5 to 6lb 9oz fishing above the top of the moor side block on Olive Lures. John Liddle caught 4 returning one estimated at 10lb plus and keeping one 7lb rainbow fishing with the same patterns and in the same area as Dan. Colin Lynas kept one fish of 5lb 8oz and lost two more off fishing with a Dawson’s Nomad from the top moor side block. Mrs Ann McLean caught one just short of 3lb from the holly bush.

None out.