Catch Return Sunday 27th June to Saturday 3rd July

143 Anglers have caught 206 Rainbows to 12lb 10oz and 6 Browns
Rod Average 1.5
98 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb.8oz

Stocked with 240 Rainbows from 1lb 12oz to 6lb and 10 Rainbows averaging 14lb.

Summery of the week
With surface water temp at the boat jetty varying from 20c to 22c day time sport has been patchy although some anglers have found fish Derrick Grabham caught twenty one over two days using White Zonkers. Derrick caught thirteen from the point fishing out over the stream bed. William Wilson fished the point and caught nine on dries before lunch. Boat angler Dermot Speight caught seven and Colin Lynas had six. B Conway caught a lovely 11lb 5oz rainbow fishing out from the dam and about twenty ft down with an Orange Blob. J Stevenson fished the deep water out from the dam on an evening permit and caught four fish at depths of between 15 to 20 ft. His best fish was 12lb 10oz and he also had one of 7lb 8oz keeping three for an impressive 22lb 6oz on Black Fritz.
Boat anglers should try fishing the deep water down the middle of the lake. I have been out with a fish finder and found a lot of fish lying from fifteen feet to the bottom, in some places fish were on the bottom at forty ft. Bank anglers fishing the bays at the top of the lake should have sport on dries and nymphs. Fishing a sinking line and lures from the deep water on the dam and wood side could be productive as well. The evening rise can be very good at this time of the season but don’t expect much to happen before 8.30 to 9pm.
Another 240 fish will be stocked next week.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 10.00pm