Catch return Sunday 25th to Saturday 31st October

54 Anglers have caught 197 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 3.6
55 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 3oz
142 Rainbows to 5lb were returned.

Colin Brown caught 38 rainbows to 5lb over two visits on a small #16 White Nomad. Graham Hill had 13 on a mixture of patterns. Dave Walker caught 10 to 4lb. Darren Parry caught 9, Andrew Greet had 8 and Garry Coverdale 6.

Brian Gardiner had 18 to 4lb 4oz and Les Davison 15 to 4lb 8oz over two visits.

Well that’s the end of the 2015 fly season we now only have seven weeks of bait fishing until we close. I would like to say a big thank you to all my Fly Fishing customers for their support this year and look forward to seeing you again when we open on Saturday 5th March 2016.