Catch return Sunday 22nd to Saturday 28th May

Neil Nicolson with his 9lb rainbow caught on a Dawson’s Olive on Tuesday. One of 6 fish caught on an evening permit.

127 Anglers have caught 713 Rainbows to 9lb
Rod Average 5.6
142 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz
571 Rainbows were returned.
Water Temperature 2ft down at the Jetty 14.9c.

Top patterns this week have been ON TOP:- Shipman’s, Yellow Owl, Sandys Shuttlecock, Black Klinkhamer and Beetle. UNDERNEATH:- Yellow Dancer, Buzzer, Cats Whisker, Olive Bunny Leach and Cut Throat Cat.


Bank anglers have had some excellent sport from all around the lake with more fish falling to Dry’s than Lures.
Colin Brown caught 38 rainbows to 4lb over two days from the dam,bottom of the moor side and wading from the culvert. Most of Colin’s fish were caught on small Olive Lures Black Hoppers and Buzzers. Steve Mills caught 16 on hoppers from the top of the moor side. Keith Bunnett caught 14 to 4lb on Sandys Shuttlecock from the Whitby end of the dam. Melvin Sanders caught 9 to 4lb from the moor side on Orange Lures. Dez Molloy caught 9 on small black hoppers.


Once again our boat anglers had the better sport with dry’s and emerges accounting for a lot of fish.
Malcolm Jefferson caught 62 to 4lb over two visits on Squirmy Worms, Buzzers and Klinkhamers fishing out from the bottom of the moor side. Bernard Fitzhugh fished over two days and caught 33 rainbows to 5lb on Buzzers and Shuttlecock’s. Gareth Tilly and Alan McPhail caught 31 between them while practicing on Friday afternoon for Saturday’s Scierra pairs Competition. Steve Trafford caught 24 over two days on Cats Whisker and Shuttlecocks. Husband and wife Colin and Margret Lynas caught 13 between them. Garry Coverdale caught 12 on dry’s and buzzers fishing out from the moor side. Mrs Olive Murry caught 12 to 5lb on Black Shuttlecocks fishing out from the jetty. G Harrison and Les Davison both caught 10.

SCIERRA Pairs Results

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George Binks hooked 15 on size 16 Olive Klinkhamers but only managed to land 3 keeping one 3lb 8oz rainbow. Mick Webb and M Hornsby caught 15 between then to 4lb.

Float Tubs

Ryan Vasey caught 23 to 4lb on buzzers and small lures fishing along the wood side. Ian Fenton caught 11 to 3lb 8oz.

Current Fishing Times:

Bank: 08:00 until 21.30
Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21.15
Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 15.15 PM 15.00 until 21.15
Last 4 Hours from: 17.30 until 21.30
All Anglers to be off site by: 21:45
LAST 4 HOUR PERMITS available from 15 minutes before start time.