Catch Return Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th September

163 Anglers have caught 490 Fish. 425 Rainbows to 6lb 8oz and 55 Browns to 4lb
Rod Average 3

201 Fish Kept. Average weight of fish kept 2lb 4oz

Derrick Grabham had two very good days catching seventeen on Wednesday and fifteen on Saturday. On Wednesday derrick fished from the holly bush with Minkies he had a lot of fry feeding fish in front of him but found that they didn’t want white yet were very keen on black or olive. He fished the Whitby end of the dam on Saturday and caught fish steadily all day on Dawson’s nomads and Cats whiskers’. Andrew Gradham and Terry Sharp fished the Whitby end of the dam on Saturday Andrew had thirteen and Terry eleven all caught on lures. Keith Thompson and Colin Lynas both had nine from the overflow end of the dam. When conditions were right anglers found fish from all parts of the bank with most catching between three to six fish on a verity of methods with lures doing best when it was windy nymphs’ and dry’s were best on the calmer days.

M Proudlock and boat partner George Fisher caught twenty one between them on lures keeping eight for 25lb 8oz George had the best fish at 6lb 8oz. Less Davison had sixteen on Zonkers. Keith Morley ten on buzzers and Steve Trafford ten on CDC Shuttlecocks.

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