Catch Return Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd July

Whitby’s Colin Brown caught this 7lb 5oz Brown trout on Thursday from the overflow end of the dam on size 14 Black Shuttlecock.

108 Anglers have caught 182 Rainbows to 5lb.8oz and 3 Browns to 7lb 5oz.

Rod Average 1.7

75 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 5oz

Stocked today Friday with 240 Rainbows from 1lb 12oz to 6lb.

The heavy rain and at time very strong wind has made for difficult fishing conditions the up side was that the water level has rising by 6. 1/2in just 14in from been full. When conditions allowed Anglers found a lot of fish feeding on or close to the surface Small Shuttlecocks, Shipman’s and Klinkhamers were the best bet. I would expect fry patterns to do well as a lot of fish and some very big fish can be seen chasing fry. Damsel nymphs, Hears ear and PTN have also caught fish.

On Sunday Daniel Jefferson caught seven rainbows from the top moorside block. D Smith caught a nice 5lb 8oz rainbow from the point. On Monday boat angler Steve Trafford caught eight rainbows on small Shuttlecocks. Neil Bryan caught a nice 5lb 4oz rainbow from the point. Tuesday Clive Simpson caught three rainbows from the dam on dries. Wednesday Andrew Bogan caught three rainbows and a brown from the moorside on foam Beetle. Mrs Olive Murray and Keith Richards caught six on emergers it was raining very heavily for most of the day making it imposable to fish dries both anglers lost quite a lot of fish. Thursday Colin Brown caught four rainbows and one lovely 7lb 5oz brown from the over flow end of the dam on dries. Only two of the nineteen anglers fishing blanked. Friday only seven anglers fishing today, Guy Mason caught four rainbows from the dam. Keith Richards had four from a boat and I fished from the jetty for a couple of hours and caught five. Saturday quite windy and feeling cold in the wind Andrew Greet caught twenty rainbows to 5lb 8oz on a Gold Head Damsels. Andrew fished from the top moorside block into the bay and with the wind blowing into the bank he caught most of his fish between six to ten feet out. Billy Wilson caught eight from the same aria and Jason Nunn had eleven from the boat jetty. Keith Richards caught four to 3lb from a boat on dries.

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