Catch Return Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd October

End of Season Price Reduction
From Saturday the 15th to Monday 31st October the day permit price will be reduced to £15 for 4fish with Catch and Release. There will be no more free boats. The new boat price will be £5 per person.

90 Anglers have caught 193 Rainbows to 6lb 4oz
Rod Average 2.1
85 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 5oz

Bernard Fitzhugh caught fifteen rainbows to 4lb on small Klinkhamers from the overflow end of the dam. Les Spedding had eight on #20 dry’s from the overflow end of the dam. William Wilson caught six on olive hoppers from the top of the moorside. Boat angler Jon Nutsford caught eleven on Skinny Damsels and Less Davison had six fishing out from the boat jetty.

Anglers are reminded that the Brown Trout Season ended on Friday 30th September. All Brown Trout must be returned to the water.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 5.45 pm

Member of the Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association.