Catch Return Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd November.

145 Anglers have caught 456 Fish. 139 out of season brown Trout to 7lb have been returned. Rod Average 3.2
317 Rainbows have been kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz

The good weather and reduced prices brought out a lot of anglers. Bait anglers had the best sport fishing leggerd worm and maggot. For the second day running the best fish came from the deep water off the valve tower, Les Davison caught the 11lb rainbow on worm fished in 40ft of water. Les kept six fish for 22lb

Sunday 16th
63 Anglers caught 211 Fish. Rod average 3.3
Best 11lb Rainbow

Monday 17th
5 Anglers caught 11 Fish. Rod average 2.2
Best 7lb Brown

Tuesday 18th
15 Anglers caught 71 Fish. Rod average 4.7
Best 6lb 4oz Rainbow

Wednesday 19th
30 Anglers caught 76 Fish. Rod average 2.5
Best 6lb 8oz Rainbow

Thursday 20th
19 Anglers caught 51 Fish. Rod average 2.6
Best 5lb Brown and 4lb 8oz Rainbow

Friday 21st
7 Anglers caught 26 Fish. Rod average 3.7
Best 9lb Rainbow

Saturday 22nd
6 Anglers caught 10 Fish. Rod average 1.7
Snow and bitterly cold conditions kept angler no low.

Permit prices are now reduced see winter fishing page

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