Catch return Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th June

119 Anglers have caught 612 Rainbows to 5lb 6oz and 3 Browns to 4lb 12oz
Rod Average 5.2
127 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz
385 Rainbows to 5lb and 2 Browns were returned.

Sunday 14th June
28 Anglers have caught 130 Rainbows to 5lb 6oz
Rod Average 4.6
32 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 3oz
98 Rainbows to 4lb were returned.

What an awful day we had light rain or drizzle for most of the day and the air temperature was between 8 and 9c for most of the day. Most anglers caught fish with the boats having the best of the sport.

Ryan Vasey caught 14 on black CDC Shuttlecock’s fishing next to the bottom moor side block. Colin Brown had 8 wading out from the culvert on Red Buzzers fished under an indicator. Andrew Greet kept 2 nice fish one at 4lb 8oz and one at 3lb 8oz. Anglers caught from the Whitby and overflow end of the dam and along the moor side.

R Nichols caught 16 fishing along the moor side. Paul Drummond caught 15 – 6 on small Black dry’s and 9 on red flexi worms. Andrew Davison caught 12 with most coming to a small Hears Ear fished just under the surface. W Emery had 12 and K Harvey had 9. Because of the wind all of the boats fished along the moor side bank.

Monday 15th June
14 Anglers caught 81 Rainbows to 3lb 8oz
Rod Average 5.8
17 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz
64 Rainbows were returned

Buzzers were the top pattern today for bank and boat anglers with the moor side producing most of the fish. Only one of the fourteen anglers fishing failed to catch.

Phil Snaith landed 11 and lost as many fishing buzzers on a washing line, Phil caught fish all along the moor side from the culvert to the point. Dave Appleton caught 11 wading at the culvert on buzzers fished under an indicator. Mick Webb had 8 from the moor side on buzzer and shuttlecocks. Anglers fishing after 5pm also had good sport on dry’s with plenty fish showing on the surface Daren Parry had 9, Bill Davison 7, Ian Shubert 6 and Gordon Rooks 5.

Steve Trafford caught 10 rainbows to 3lb 8oz fishing out from the culvert on a single buzzer fished under an indicator.

Tuesday 16th June
13 Anglers caught 78 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz
Rod Average 6
15 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz
63 Rainbows were returned

Only two anglers failed to land fish today and of the thirteen fishing eight were in boats so there isn’t a lot to report from the bank, as with most days we had a lot of fish lost.

Shane Thomas fished the last four hours and caught 7 to 3lb. Dave Dickon’s had 5 on dry’s from the top of the moor side.

Steve Trafford caught 16 rainbows to 4lb on buzzers and dry’s fishing along the bottom moor side bank.
William Leitch fished on our last 4hour permit and caught 13 rainbows to 3lb on Black CDC Shipman’s fishing 50yards off the point. S Cameron caught 9 to 3lb 12oz on CDC and Beetles. Mike Gadd had 7 keeping 4 for 11lb. Mark Jones had 7 on Cats Whisker and Paul Blight had 6 from our Wheelyboat.

Wednesday 17th June
9 Anglers caught 36 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz and 1 Brown.
Rod Average 4.1
10 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 14oz
26 Rainbows to 4lb and 1 Brown were returned.

Colin Brown caught 7 rainbows to 4lb on a variety of patterns from the moor side. Rob Lincoln caught 6 rainbows to 4lb and 1 small wild Brown from the holly bush on Black and Peacock spiders and Damsels. Colin Lynas had the best fish of the day at 4lb 8oz.

Wheel chair angler George Binks fished from our Wheelyboat and Caught 8 Rainbows to 4lb on Black Hoppers fishing out from the wood side block. Mrs Olive Murray caught 4 to 3lb fishing out from the point.

Thursday 18th June
15 Anglers caught 36 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 2.4
14 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz.
22 Rainbows to 5lb were returned

We had another cold day with temperature’s staying at 13c or below making it feel very cold in the wind.

Dave Batchelor caught 4 on damsels fishing along the wood side bank.

Only one boat out today Tim Grove caught 4 rainbows to 4lb on CDC Shuttlecocks.

Friday 19th June
18 Anglers caught 111 Rainbows to 5lb and 1 – 4lb 12oz Brown
Rod Average 6.2
14 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 12oz
97 Rainbows to 5lb were returned.

We had another cold day when you were in the wind but at least it stayed cloudy for most of the time.
Bank and boat anglers had some good sport with only three failing to land fish. CDC patterns caught most of the today.

Colin Brown caught 11 including a lovely 4lb 12oz Brown wading at the culvert, Colin caught most of his fish on skinny Damsels. D Miller caught 8 to 3lb from the top of the moorside. Bill Davison caught 5 from the moorside. Anglers fishing the last four hours had some good sport Darren Parry and Steve Mills both had 5 and Ian Vickers and D Williamson had 4.

John McGarrell was among the fish again catching 19 to 5lb on size 12 Olive CDC Shuttlecocks. John caught by drifting and targeting rising fish. Steve Trafford had yet another good day catching 13 rainbows. I had a rare afternoon in a boat and managed to land 10 to 5lb fishing size 12 Black Shuttlecocks. Tim Grove had 8 on Shuttlecocks. Garry Wright caught 8 keeping 3 for 6lb 8oz and Mrs Olive Murray had 5 and lost as many off.

Saturday 20th June
22 Anglers caught 140 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz and 1 Brown
Rod Average 6.4
25 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz
115 Rainbows to 4lb 8oz and 1- 2lb Brown were returned.

What a day Bank and boat anglers had good sport on Dry’s, Nymphs and lures.

Andrew Greet caught 9 rainbows from the bottom of the moor side on Blank Klinkhamers. Keith Bunnett only fished for 3 hours and caught 7 rainbows to 3lb on CDC Shuttlecocks from the bottom moor side block. Bill Davison had 6 and Bernard Fitzhugh 5. Anglers fishing on our last 4 hour permit had good sport with rising fish all over the lake. John Heward had 6, Chris Downton 6 and K Johnson had 5.

Boat Anglers had some excellent sport on Dry’s and wets fished close to the surface. Peter and Ann Mclean caught 21 to 4lb 8oz between them fishing a Yellow FAB with 2 Olive Crunchers on sink tip lines. Peter landed 12 and Ann 9 which included the best fish at 4lb 8oz both lost quit a few as well fishing out from the point. G Harrison caught 17 to 4lb keeping 4 fish for 11lb 6 were caught on Cats Whisker and 11 on Black Klinkhamer. Steve and John Mills had 18 between them on Cats Whiskers with Steve getting 14 of them. George Davison had 7 on dry’s fishing near the point.

Float Tubes
Ryan Vasey caught 18 rainbows to 4lb on Black Shuttlecocks fishing along the top of the moor side.

Current Fishing Times:
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Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21:30
Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 15:30 PM 15:00 until 21:30
Last 4 Hours from: 17:30 until 21:45
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