Catch Return Sunday 12th to Saturday 19th October

Lockwood Opening and closing times for November & December
1st to 30th November FLY ONLY Open 9am Close 3.30pm
1st to 22nd December Bait Fishing Open 9am Close 3pm The fishery will close on Sunday 22nd reopening March 2014

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 6.00pm or time posted in the Lodge.
Last 4 hour permit available from (This permit is only available from the time stated)
Part Day Boat Morning (8.30am to 1.30pm) Afternoon (12.30 to 6.00pm)

57 Anglers have caught 169 Rainbows to 7lb
Rod Average 3
42 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 9oz

Catch Return Sunday 13th October
11 Anglers have caught 56 Rainbows to 7lb
Rod Average 5.1
6 Kept for an Average weight of 3lb
Sean Thomas caught 36 to 4lb on a small Buzzer fished 6in under a white Thingamabobber Strike Indicator from the old slipway and boat jetty if Sean changed the colour of the indicator he stopped catching . Junior Tomas Ayton caught 7 to 7lb from the bottom of the moor side. Graham Hill caught 7 from the jetty and overflow end of the dam. Darren Parry caught 4 on CDC Shuttlecock’s from the moor side.
Only one boat out no fish caught.

Catch Return Monday 14th October
0 Anglers caught 0 Rainbows to
Rod Average 0
0 kept at an Average weight of


Catch Return Tuesday 15th October
17 Anglers caught 45 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 2.6
13 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 10oz

Brian Gardiner caught 10 rainbows to 5lb from the jetty. Les Davison caught 9 to 4lb 8oz from the Jetty on Hears Ear nymphs. Damian Hubbard caught 8 from the moor side. D Meek and E Halliday both had 5 from the Dam.

Boat anglers only caught one each.

Catch Return Wednesday 16th October

4 Anglers caught 9 Rainbows to 3lb
Rod Average 2.3
3 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb

Wind and rain again kept anglers away.
Disabled angler George Binx caught all 9 fish today fishing from our Wheelyboat. George caught fish from the overflow and Whitby end of the dam on Klinkhamers and PTN.

Catch Return Thursday 17th October
18 Anglers caught 32 Rainbows to 6lb
Rod Average 1.8
15 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 9oz

The Day started well with a light breeze and good numbers of fish showing all over the lake by lunch time the breeze had gone and we were flat calm right up to close. It was good to see fish feeding in good numbers again.
Stocking tomorrow Friday with 200 1lb 12oz to 6lb rainbow trout.

R Melbourne kept 4 for 13lb all caught on damsels from the dam. Ian Morrison caught 5 from the jetty. Junior Tomas Ayton caught 4 to 6lb from the dam.
C Boxall caught 4 and lost 2 more off fishing out from the high bank.

Catch Return Friday 18th October
7 Anglers caught 27 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 3.9
5 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 9oz

Stocked today with 200 1lb 12oz to 8lb rainbow trout.

Colin Brown caught 5 to 4lb from the bottom moor side block on small Klinkhamers and CDC Shuttlecocks. Chris Kirkby caught 4 from the holly bush on size 16 buzzers. M Webb caught 3 to 5lb and lost more off from the jetty on emergers.
Tim Grove caught 13 to 4lb on a mixture of patterns from the top moor side bay and down by the jetty.