Catch Return Sunday 12th to Saturday 18th July

96 Anglers have caught 387 Fish. 354 Rainbows and 33 Browns
Rod Average 4
126 Fish Kept. Average weight of fish kept 2lb 3oz

Sunday 12th Water Temperature 18c at 11.30am

30 Anglers caught 63 Rainbows and 3 Brown Trout. Rod average 1.9
25 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb.10oz.

With cloudy days forecast for the week and the lower water temperatures Anglers should expect some excellent sport through out the day. Nymphs and dries will account for most of the fish.
Colin Green caught eighteen fish on damsels and small Diawl Bachs fishing in the wading area at the culvert Colin also lost quit a few fish. R Cook had twelve from the moorside with most anglers catching a few fish.

Most boat anglers fished the deep water off the dam and managed four or five fish on deep lures. Mike Gadd and Dermot Speight fished at the point near to tome’s seat in eight to ten feet of water and caught twenty five fish between them on nymphs. S Cochrane and P Sherrington caught fourteen between them keeping eight for 21lb. all caught on nymphs.

Monday 13th Water Temperature 18c at 11.30am

14 Anglers caught 76 Rainbows and 1 Brown Trout. Rod average 5.5
21 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz

Michael Kilvington only fished for three hours and caught seventeen rainbows. Dave Appleton caught eight and N Hall caught seven keeping four for 12lb.
Not many out, Steve Trafford caught eight and lost a few off fishing over the deep water out from the dam.

Tuesday 14th Water Temperature 17c at 11.30am

31 Anglers caught 91 Rainbows and 17 Brown Trout. Rod average 3.5
30 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz

Simon Purves caught nine from the top of the moorside on nymphs and dries. Jim Tate had eight and fishing partner Dave Dickons seven.
Keith Morley caught ten fishing Diawl Bachs from a drifting boat. Mrs Olive Murray landed seven after loosing the first five fish hooked off, all were caught on Klinkhamers. Tim Grove caught seven rainbows and two browns also on Klinkhamers.

Wednesday 15th July Water Temperature 17c at 11.30am

21 Anglers caught 55 Rainbows and 3 Brown Trout. Rod average 2.8
21 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz.

Bank anglers are reporting rising fish all around the lake. G M Atkinson caught six on buzzers from the dam, William Leitch fished Nymphs and dries from the top moorside block for six rainbows and one brown.

Mrs Olive Murray had one of the best day’s sport she’s had this season although she only landed six fish Olive had fish coming to her klinkhamer all day and lost a lot of fish off. Daniel Jefferson caught six rainbows and one brown fishing nymphs and dries.

Thursday 16th Water Temperature 17c at 09.30 am

29 Anglers caught 67 Rainbows and 8 Brown Trout. Rod average 2.6
30 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 5oz.

Most anglers have caught one or two fish from all around the lake. Alan Byfield caught seven from the dam and Bernard Fitzhugh had six from the top moorside block.

Les Davison caught fourteen rainbows and two Browns fishing Blobs on a sinking line over the deep water out from the dam. Keith Mason caught eleven rainbows fishing three traditional fly’s from a drifting boat.

Friday 17th Water Temperature 17c at 11.30 am

Stocked today with 245 rainbows from 1lb 12oz to 5lb
1 Angler caught 19 Rainbows and 0 Brown Trout. Rod average 19
4 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 12oz.

Only one angler braved the consent heavy rain but what a day he had catching 19 fish in 4hours.
None out

Saturday 18th Water Temperature 16c at 11.30 am

16 Anglers caught 142 Rainbows and 9 Brown Trout. Rod average 9.4
33 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz.

With the all the fresh rainwater and lower temperatures the fishing has really improved. Colin Green Couldn’t believe his luck fishing from the boat jetty and dam wall he caught thirty rainbows and two browns on small nymphs keeping three for 12lb 4oz. Dave Urwin caught twelve on spider patterns and small lures keeping two for 6lb. Billy Wilson fished the top moorside block and caught twelve on Hears Ear nymphs. B W Dove and C Morrish both had nineteen fish from the dam. John McGarrel and Richard Holmes fished between the holy Bush and bottom moorside block and caught ten each John caught all his fish on Klinkhamers.

Only three boats were out one angler whose name I couldn’t make out caught ten, Graham Hill kept two fish for 10lb 4oz and Dave Appleton caught four.

Sunday 19th Water Temperature 16c at 11.30 am
Fish are been caught from all around the lake mainly on dries and nymphs.

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