Catch Return Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th November


Lockwood Opening and closing times for November & December
November FLY ONLY Open 9am Close 3.30pm or time posted in the Lodge.
1st to 22nd December Bait Fishing Open 9am Close 3pm The fishery will close on Sunday 22nd reopening March 2014
Last 4 hour permit available from 11.30pm (This permit is only available from the time stated)

Reduced Boat prices we only have four boats available. Boats will only be allowed out when conditions are suitable.
Day Boat (9.30am to 3pm) Now costs £8
Electric Out Board £5

57 Anglers have caught 169 Rainbows to 8lb 5oz
Rod Average 3
44 Kept for an Average weight of 3lb 4oz

Catch Return Sunday 10th November
5 Anglers have caught 15 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 3
3 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb

Bright sunshine a light breeze and very cold in some places the frost never lifted.
Four of the five anglers fishing caught fish today.

Catch Return Monday 11th November
3 Anglers caught 7 Rainbows to 3lb
Rod Average 2.3
2 kept at an Average weight of 2lb 8oz

Only three anglers again today all three hooked fish.
Only two bank anglers today they both hooked fish but only one fish was landed. Robert Lincoln caught that one from the moor side.
Mrs Olive Murray caught 6 to 3lb fishing along the bank from the wood side block to the jetty. Five were caught on Cats Whisker and one on a Damsel

Catch Return Tuesday 12th November
13 Anglers caught 24 Rainbows to 5lb
Rod Average 1.8
8 kept at an Average weight of 3lb 8oz

The last stocking of the season will take place on Friday 15th when 200 rainbow trout from 1lb 12oz to 7lb will be stocked so sport should be very good at the weekend.
Six of the 8 fish kept were between 3lb to 5lb, as with other days nearly as many fish were lost as were landed.
Michael Kilvington Kept three for 11lb 12oz best 5lb and returned three more fishing 200mt along the dam from overflow. Michael fished with a Hears Ear nymph on an intermediate line and very slow retrieve. Brian Gardiner caught five from the jetty and Ian Morrison had three from the dam.
Chris Kirkby caught five keeping two for 6lb 8oz best 3lb 8oz fishing down the wood side and out from the forked tree on White Fritz lures. Colin Boxall caught three to 5lb on Black Fritz fishing just out from Chris.

As it was only for two weeks the decision to close Monday to Wednesday has now been reversed and we will stay open.

Catch Return Wednesday 13th November
4 Anglers caught 6 Rainbows to 3lb 8oz
Rod Average 2.3
5 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 12oz

Catch Return Thursday 14th November

9 Anglers caught 7 Rainbows to 4lb
Rod Average 0.8
3 Kept for an Average weight of 2lb 12oz

Catch Return Friday 15th November
13 Anglers caught 67 Rainbows to 8lb 4oz
Rod Average 5.2
18 kept at an Average weight of 3lb 6oz

Les Davison caught 10 to 6lb 4oz on Red Blobs from the Jetty. John Nutsford caught 8 to 8lb 4oz from the dam. W Vandy caught 6 keeping 4 for 11lb from the dam.
John McGarrell caught 14 on olive Zonkers fishing out from the wood side block he kept 4 for 14lb. Paul Blight and Colin Brown caught 19 between them from the holly bush to the culvert on White Lures. Paul caught 11 to 3lb and Colin had 8 to 6lb.

Catch Return Saturday 16th November
10 Anglers caught 45 Rainbows to 7lb 2oz
Rod Average 4.5
7 Kept for an Average weight of 4lb 2oz

Damian Hubbard Caught 19 to 6lb on lures from the jetty. Graham Hill caught 5 to 5lb 8oz from the dam on White lures. K Kelsey caught 5 to 3lb 4oz from the jetty on lures.
Peter McLean caught 8 on Buzzers fished under an indicator from half way down the wood side. Mrs Olive landed 2 but lost three at the net fishing with a Hears Ear and sunk Daddy.