Catch Return Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th July

It’s raining quite hard at last, the level is now only 1ft 10in from full.

114 Anglers have caught 257 Rainbows to 8lb.8oz and two Browns to 4lb 2oz.

Rod Average 2.3

102 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 5oz.

It’s been a week of constantly changing wind direction. Anglers have had fish showing on or just under the surface every day Dry’s such as CDC Shuttlecocks. Klinkhamers, Black Visby and Sedge have all caught fish. Nymphs such as Damsel, PTN, Hears Ear, and Montana have caught with Pheasant Tails and Hears Ear fished quite quickly just under the surface doing the best.
On Sunday A Greet caught eight rainbows to 8lb 12oz on damsels from the top moorside block. On Monday John McGarrell caught nine on CDC Shuttlecocks and Damsels from the dam and moorside. Terry Sharp had eight and Derrick Grabham six from the moorside. On Tuesday Les Davison had six from a boat keeping a lovely 4lb 2oz Brown. On Wednesday Tim Grove had seven to 4lb from a boat and John Hewitt had six to 5lb 4oz from the dam on CDC Shuttlecocks. On Thursday Garry Coverdale caught twelve to 3lb from the overflow end of the dam, Garry caught all his fish on CDC Shuttlecocks. Andrew Grabham had six from the moor side and Keith Richards caught a lovely 8lb 8oz rainbow from a boat on size 14 CDC Shipman’s. Friday Andrew Bogan caught eight on foam beetle from the moorside Andrews beetle was tied on a size 10 hook. Steve Trafford caught six to 3lb from a boat Steve caught all six fish on different patterns. Saturday Billy Wilson caught eight rainbows to 5lb 6oz from the Whitby end of the dam, Billy caught all his fish on a size 16 Pheasant tail nymph fished very quickly just under the surface. Graham Hill fished from the top of the moorside and caught six rainbows on Olive Klinkhamers and Shuttlecocks. Keith Richards caught a nice 7lb rainbow from the point on a CDC Shipman’s. Boats Mrs Olive Murray should have had ten fish but only managed to land four of them she hooked all her fish on a size 12 Hears ear Shuttlecock.

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