Catch return from Sunday 23rd to Monday 31st December 2007

Rod Average 2.5

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 8oz

The changeable weather with strong cold winds one day and warm calm days the next has made for some difficult fishing. Bait rods have caught in all conditions with fly rods doing best when the winds weren’t as strong.

Simon Purves caught the best rainbow of the week at 8lb on a £5 sporting ticket. Gary Varlry caught seven fish on the 30th keeping four for 12lb 8oz best 4lb 8oz and caught five on the 31st keeping two for 7lb best 5lb all on Buzzer fished under an indicator from the holly bush to the bottom block. Mark Walker used a Cat’s Whisker and indicator to catch a fin perfect 7lb rainbow from the moor side. Colin Lynas had fish on Olive Dawson’s Nomad. On the warmer days fish have been rising in the late afternoon.

S Thomas caught 15 rainbows and returned 5 browns to 7lb on maggot over two days fishing with 2 rods on each day from the Woodside block (anglers are reminded that you need one environment agency licence for each rod when fishing for trout) L Richardson had two good days as well fishing from the Whitby end of the dam, he caught six rainbows for 25lb 1oz best 6lb 5oz and returned eleven browns to 6lb.