Catch return for week ending Saturday 27th October 2007

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 12oz

Rod average 2.

Some excellent out of season browns to 12lb and rainbows to 8lb have kept anglers going over the last week.

Boat angler Keith Morley caught a superb conditioned wild 12lb Brown trout, from the bay to the left of the point in no more than 3ft of water on a size16 Bibio. The fish was weighed in the net and returned to fight another day.

John MaGarrall caught 15 from the moor side on buzzer, Clark Mondal had 9 on olive zonker from the holly bush 6 of which were browns to 5lb his best rainbow was a fin perfect 7lb 4oz. Colin Green caught a 8lb rainbow from the culvert on cats whisker, Less Spedding kept 3 for 14lb 8oz from the holy bush on buzzer. Graham Hill caught 9 over two visits keeping 4 for 16lb 8oz his best was rainbow 7lb 8oz and he returned one brown of 8lb.Boat angler Paul Madison caught 8 keeping one 6lb rainbow and returning one7lb silver brown trout. These fish are wild and have black spots making them look more like sea trout. Wheel chair angler George Binks caught 9 from the wheely boat on emerges.

From the 1st of November to 30th December Anglers can use Fly, Worm and Maggot at Lockwood.
Fly only £20 keep 4 fish with catch and release.
Fly only £10 keep 2 fish with catch and release. (Can be used as a sporting permit)
Bait £20 4 fish No catch and release.
Juniors 12 to 16years £10 keep 2 fish (no catch and release on bait permit)
Juniors under 12 can share the 4 fish permit of an adult.

There is still a very large head of supper quality rainbows from 2lb to the high teens in the lake as well as some excellent out of season brown trout, which must be returned to the water.

Lockwood opens at 10am and close at 4.30pm