Catch return for week ending Saturday 15th September 2007

Average weight of 2lb 8oz

Rod average 2.2

Things have slowly started to improve with more fish been caught on a good mix of methods. Mark Walker came out on top again with 25 fish over two days on his usual method of buzzers or small lures fished under an indicator all of Marks fish came from the fishing lodge side of the dam. John McGarrell wasn’t far behind with 24 fish over two days from the dam wall; John used a mixture of dries nymphs and mini lures to tempt his fish with the best one weighing in at 10lb. This shows that you can catch a lot of fish without using an indicator. Graham Hill caught 15 on lures and kept three for 16lb 12oz with his best at 7lb 8oz. Colin Lynas caught eight from the dam on Dawson’s nomad keeping one of 5lb. R Barron had ten keeping 4 for 8lb. Boat anglers Paul More and A Carr caught 12 between them keeping 8 for 29lb 12oz three of the fish were browns of 4lb. P Eastwood caught the best Brown of the week at 7lb. Eight browns were kept this week for 36lb that’s a average weight of 4lb 8oz. Over fifty fish from 8lb to 21lb have yet to be caught most of these fish have been in the lake for quit some time and when hooked fight very hard, one boat angler hooked one last week the fish took all his line and backing and after going under the boat jetty snapped the backing, the line minus the fish was recovered some time later.

Saturday the 15th should have been the last of our very popular fly fishing courses, but with so many disappointed at missing out on the last two courses we have decided run another one on the 30th September. Any one interested should book as soon as possible as numbers are limited. 117 people have attended the nineteen-senor and junior courses that we have held so far this year.

Sport has started to improve with more fish been caught during the day. As the days grow shorter and the water gets cooler, dries such as Daddy’s and Klinkhamers and nymphs such as Pheasant Tail and Hears Ear should do well. Top lures should be Dawson’s Nomad, Cats Whisker, Minky and Muddler. September and October always fish well with a lot of surface feeding fish and in recent years quite a lot of fry bashing, why not try drifting a fry imitation around the weed beds.

Lockwood opens at 8am and close at 7.45pm