Catch return for week ending Saturday 13th October 2007

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 10oz

Rod average 2.5

There has been a more even spread of fish among anglers over the last week with most anglers taking fish. On the days when there has been no wind fish could be seen rising over the whole lake for most of the day, anglers have reported that the fish have been fighting very hard with a lot of fish taking line well into the backing and quite lot of fish been lost.

Bank anglers have had some of the best catches as a lot of fish have been feeding quite close to the bank.
Mark Walker used his favoured method of a bite indicator and small cats whisker to catch 51 fish over 3 days from the dam and wood side the best fish returned was a 6lb brown. John McGarrell caught 29 fish over 3 days from the Whitby end of the dam on size 16 black buzzer, John returned quite a lot of rainbows an blues from 3 to 6lb and one brown of 6lb 8oz. Don Finlay caught a superb 10lb 4oz rainbow from the high bank on black buzzer. Ian Morrison Kept four for 10lb from the dam on cat’s whisker. On Thursday we had a surprise visit from Charles Jardine, Charles caught a lovely 9lb rainbow from the high bank on buzzer and commented that it was probably the best fight he ever had from a fish of that size on water the size of Lockwood.

Boat anglers have had some good sport as well. Paul Madison and Keith Morley caught 14 and lost as many on a mixture of methods with Paul catching the best fish of the week at 12lb on a cat’s whisker. Les Davison caught a lovely 11lb 12oz rainbow on red buzzer under a indicator, George Sidgwick and John Anderson caught 12 keeping two for 9lb 2oz and returning the best brown of the week at 7lb. Tim Grove kept a fin perfect 7lb rainbow and Norman Quigley kept three for 10lb 4oz.

Bait Anglers will once again have the chance to catch some of the best fish in the area as we will be allowing Bait Fishing from the 1st of November to 31st January, for information and more details please ring the fishery on 01287 660501

As usual north east anglers did very well at the Airflo Classic Final at Elinor on 13th and 14 October 07 with some excellent results from the Lockwood heat qualifiers two out of the top four individuals and the fourth and fifth teams qualified at the fishery.
Individuals. Lockwood season permit Andrew Grabham finished joint first with 16 fish but ending up third after count back. England international and Lockwood regular Chris Micallef was fourth with 15fish.
First. Kingfishers Fred Bainbridge, Chris Micallef and Peter Appleby with 36 fish wining for the second time in three years. Kingfishers failed to qualify at Lockwood but won the heat at Elinor.
Forth. Sharpley Nomads David Mordue, Ryan Barron and Blythe Palmer with 23 fish.
Fifth. Lockwood regulars Bright Sparks Andrew Bowker Paul Bowker and Phil Snaith with 20 fish

Lockwood opens at 8am and close at 6.15pm