Catch return for week ending Saturday 10th November 2007

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 8oz

Rod average 4.6

Anglers have had some top quality rainbows in the 3 to 7lb class 86 of the fish kept were over 3lb, some anglers reported hooking very large fish that straitened or broke their hooks. The dam wall and high bank have been the best areas, very few anglers have fished the moor side due to the strong cold winds.

Swim feeder with Maggot ledgerd or fished under a bubble float has accounted for most fish with worm taking some of the better fish. 12-year-old Jamie Graham caught his best fish to date at 7lb on maggot.

Fly anglers have had some nice catches of up to 8fish with floating patterns striped fast thru the surface.

From the 1st of November to 30th December Anglers can use Fly, Worm and Maggot at Lockwood.
Fly only £20 keep 4 fish with catch and release.
Fly only £10 keep 2 fish with catch and release. (Can be used as a sporting permit)
Bait £20 4 fish No catch and release.
Juniors 12 to 16years £10 no catch and release on bait.
Juniors under 12 can share the 4 fish permit of an adult.

There is still a very large head of supper quality rainbows from 2lb to the high teens in the lake as well as some excellent out of season brown trout, which must be returned to the water.

Lockwood opens at 10am and close at 4.00pm