Catch return for week ending 8th September 2007

Average weight of 2lb 8oz

Rod average 1.5

It’s been the worst week of the season so far the hot days with very little cloud have made fishing difficult. Plenty of fish have been rising on the days when cloud did appear although they have been difficult to tempt.

Laurence Hawley’s 8lb Brown trout didn’t stay the best of the season for long as boat angler Mike Gadd caught a fully finned 10lb brown on a black hopper on the following Sunday. Like it or loathe it bite indicators definitely work when conditions are hard. Mark Walker used this method to catch 23 Rainbows on a Cats Whisker fished 2 feet below his indicator. Sam Reach kept four for 13lb 4oz best 7lb 10oz.

Sport should start to improve with more fish been caught during the day as the days grow shorter. Dries such as Daddy’s and Klinkhamers and nymphs such as Pheasant Tail and Hears Ear should do well. Top lures should be Dawson’s Nomad, Cats Whisker, Minky and Muddler. September and October always fish well with a lot of surface feeding fish and in recent years quite a lot of fry bashing.

Stocking this week with 350 Rainbows averaging 2lb and 120 Rainbows averaging 5lb, 470 fish in all.

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