Catch return for week ending 6th October 2007

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 10oz

Rod average 3.1

Anglers made use of the reduced boat and day permits Boats £9 Electric outboards £5 and all day one fish with Catch and release £11.

Boat anglers did well Kevin Dining and Rob Frame caught 36 between them as did Chris Micallef and D Leak Chris kept four for 13lb 4oz including a superb 4lb blue. Alan Gillis and John Martin had 19 between them keeping 8 for 23lb. Keith Morley had 14 on buzzers all but two of his fish were over 3lb the best four were from 6 to 8lb. Alan Carr caught 10 and kept four for 18lb 4oz including the best rainbow of the week at 9lb 4oz on buzzers.

Bank anglers also had some good sport. John McGarrell caught 31 over three visits on size 20 black buzzer, his best fish was 7lb 8oz and he had a lovely 4lb 4oz blue. Mark Walker had 15 on cat’s whisker, Mike Ayton had 9 on Buzzer, from the dam and Keith Richards had 8 from the moor side on CDC shuttlecock.

Stocking this week with 200 1lb 12oz to 2lb 8oz rainbows.

Lockwood opens at 8am and close at 6.45pm