Catch return for week ending 26th May 2007

Rod average 2.6

The Best fish of the week 13lb fell to boat angler William Leitch. Colin Lynas `had one of 12lb 13oz from the dam on Dawson’s `Nomad, John Weatherstone also had one of 12lb 8oz from the dam and D Bachelor caught one of 11lb 13oz from the dam, S Dea had one of 11lb 12oz, P Marshall 11lb 8oz and P Carrielies 10lb. All full tailed rainbows.

Bank angler John McGarrell caught 37 over 3 visits keeping 4 for 20lb 4oz best 12lb 12oz.

Boat Anglers had some excellent sport, Dermot Speight and Mike Gadd caught 38 between them keeping 8 for 25lb on dries. Brian and Anthony Chapman caught 21 on lures from a boat keeping 8 for 27lb 10oz best 8lb 10oz and Andrew Bogan caught 16 on dries.

Stocking this week with 240 rainbows and browns from 2lb to 6lb.

Top Lures: – Dawson’s Nomad, Black Nomad, Cats Whisker, Blob

Top Nymphs: – Pheasant Tail, Black and Olive Buzzer, GRHE and Damsel Nymph.

Top Dry,s and Emergers: – Hawthorn, CDC Shuttlecock, CDC Shipman’s, and Daddy.