Catch return for week ending 25 August 2007

Average weight of 3lb

Rod Av 2.5

Sport has certainly started to pickup with a lot more fish feeding throughout the day, the evening rise has been very good with fish feeding hard from sevenish right thru in to darkness, and the Sedge hatches have been exceptional on the warmer nights with the very big reds hatching just before dark. Quite a few blues have been caught in the 3 to 5lb range and some nice browns up to 7lb. Its good two see the big fish that were stocked 6 weeks ago starting to get caught, these fish were from 8lb to 21lb are in excellent condition. As usual with Lockwood fish have full tails and fight very hard making them difficult to land.

Mike Ayton caught the best fish of the week at 12lb 10oz on Diawl Bach from a boat just up from the jetty. Mark Walker used his favourite method of a bite indicator with Diawl Bach or Okey Dokey to catch 21 rainbows to 5lb from the lodge side of the dam. John McGarrell kept up his impressive rod average catching 17 rainbows and blues to 5lb from dam on Klinkhamers. The dam wall produced fish of 8lb 8oz for Dave Urwin and 7lb 6oz for John Burnett. Graham Hill caught 16 fish over two days from all over the lake on a variety of methods with his best rainbow of 9lb falling for elk hair sedge. Brothers Paul and Andrew Bowker caught 14 between them in six hours on dries and nymphs keeping 5 fish for 22lb with Paul getting the best at 10lb 4oz on Diawl Back from the boat jetty.
Boat Angler Peter Axford caught two Browns for 12lb with the best weighing 7lb on Dawson’s Nomad out from the wood side block.

Prospects for the coming week are good with 230 Rainbows Blues and Browns from 2lb to 7lb to be stocked on top of the already large head of fish in the lake.

If we keep the cloud and warm daytime temperatures anglers can expect some good dry and nymph fishing during the day and good top of the water sport with mudlers and sedge patterns at night. If it gets bright during the day try intermediates and sinking lines with nymphs and lures, look out for some good fish fry bashing around the margins and over the weed beds.