Catch return for week ending 22 April 2007

Rod average 2.8

Lockwood hosted the Airflo Regional Team Final for the Northeast and Yorkshire on Saturday, 9 teams fish for 3 places in difficult conditions with a very strong southwesterly wind and caught 70 fish between them.1st were Sharpley Nomads with 17 fish (Blythe Palmer2, Ryan Barron 14 and David Mordue 1) 2nd Bright Sparks with 14 fish (Andrew Bowker 0, Paul Bowker 12 and Phil Snaith 2) 3rd Lockwood Fly Fishers 8 fish (Colin Lynas 3,Mike Ayton 3 and Mark Walker 2)

Bank anglers had the better sport S Snowdon caught 25 from the top of the wood side on buzzers,
M Jefferson had 16 on Friday and 10 on Sunday from the top moor side block on lures. C Parking had 12 from the point, Mike Ayton caught 14 from the east end of the dam on lures. Mark Taylor had the best fish of the week at 8lb 11oz Mark caught 9 on an evening permit from the dam keeping 3 for 16lb 11oz on Orange lead head. Boat angler Ian Greensmith caught the best Brown of the week at 5lb on Damsel.

Gillian Tizzard of the England Ladies Fly fishing Association is holding a ladies night at Lockwood on Sunday 6th May from 4pm. The event is aimed at beginners, as well as competent anglers, those who plan to attend are encouraged to bring a friend to introduce them to fly fishing. Equipment will be provided for those who need it, and instruction comes from Roger Beck. The evening is intended to be a relaxed occasion
When women can fish together. The cost is £10. For further details call Gillian on 01913731048 or ring the fishery on 01287 660501.

With fish spread all over the lake and starting to rise freely anglers can expect some good sport. Some fish were fry bashing on Saturday and Sunday around the point this doesn’t normally happen to the end of the season. Expect Hawthorns to living things up any time now

Stocking with 250 rainbows from 2lb to 5lb this week.

Top Lures: – Dawson’s Nomad, Black Nomad, Cats Whisker, Blob

Top Nymphs: – Pheasant Tail, Black and Olive Buzzer, GRHE and Damsel Nymph.

Top Dry,s and Emergers: – Hawthorn, CDC Shuttlecock, CDC Shipman’s, and Daddy.