Catch return for week ending 18 March 2007

Rod average 3.4

The very strong southwesterly winds that blew all week made fishing very difficult, restricting boat and bank anglers to the Woodside bank and the overflow end of the dam wall even so there were some very good catches.

Norman Cowell caught 20 from the dam keeping one for 9lb 12oz; John Anderson had 13 from the dam keeping 2 for 14lb 12oz best 10lb 12oz. Andrew Bowker followed his open day 25 with 12 on Saturday from the same spot on the dam. John Foster caught 11 on Saturday in very difficult conditions keeping 3 for 14lb 8oz best 9lb 8oz other good catches were Mark Warker who caught 11 from the old slipway keeping one for 10lb and returning one of 11lb and two of 10lb, William Leitch returned fish of 11lb and 9lb from the high bank an George Sidgwick caught 9 keeping one of 9lb and returning one of 10lb from the dam.
Boat anglers had some nice fish as well although the bank always fishers best for the first two to three weeks. Leslie Davison fished with his grandson Ben Kept 3 for 21lb with
10-year-old Ben getting the best fish of 9lb 12oz. Adam Greensmith had a 10lb 8oz fish and S Eynon one of 8lb 9oz. Lures caught majority of the fish with Buzzers and pheasant tail accounting for of the rest.

Stocking with 250 rainbows from 2lb to 5lb this week with a further 60 10lb plus to come in the near future.

Top Lures were Dawson’s Nomad, Black Nomad, Cats Whisker, Blob
Top Nymphs were Pheasant Tail. Black and Olive Buzzer, GRHE and Damsel Nymph.