Catch return for Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd March 2008

79 anglers caught 394 fish keeping 84

Rod Average 5

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 8oz

Stocking for Easter weekend with 270 rainbows and browns from 1lb 8oz to 12lb 8oz 20 rainbows will average 10lb and a number of browns will average 4lb.

Sunday 16th
25 anglers caught 79 fish rod average 3.2
Wheel chair angler Paul Richardson caught 15 fish to 5lb on Buzzers, Diawl Bach and mini Cats Whisker fishing off the culvert from the wheely boat. Bank angler Mark Walker caught 22 from the dam wall on a mini Cats Whisker fished under an indicator

Monday 17th
10 anglers caught 41 fish. John McGarrel caught 16 on buzzer fished under an indicator from the dam. Alan Byfield had 7 from the boat jetty on Cats Whisker.

Tuesday 18th
9 Anglers caught 35 fish. Mark Walker caught 17 on Buzzer from the dam and Jim Tate had 9 on Yellow Dancer.

Wednesday 19th
15 Anglers caught 46 fish. Mark Walker fished close to the trees and caught 20 fish on Cats Whisker from a boat. Farther and son B and A Chapman caught 19 between them from a boat keeping 7 for 15lb 8oz.

Thursday 20th
Only 5 Anglers braved the weather catching 48 fish William Leitch caught 16 from the overflow end of the dam keeping 3 for 14lb 8oz best 9lb on Yellow Blob. Mark Walker was among the fish again catching 31 from the boat jetty on Cats Whisker.

Friday 21st
What a day wind rain and snow the 14 anglers who braved the elements had an excellent day though catching 132 fish between them. Boat anglers Jason Nunn and S Mills caught 18 keeping 7 for 28lb best 10lb 12oz., David Appleton caught 15 fishing off the wood side from a boat he returned one fish of 11lb 2oz. Graham Southam caught 29 from the boat jetty keeping 2 for 6lb 8oz, Graham lost two big fish of over 10lb. John Mcgarrell caught 24 from the dam on Dawson’s Nomad, Mark Walker followed yesterdays 31 with 19 from the dam on Cats Whisker and Andrew Bowker had 15 from the dam on Olive Fritz.

Saturday 22nd
Only one angler fished to day, Colin Lynas fished from the dam wall and caught 13 fish on Dawson’s Nomad.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 6.30pm