Catch return for Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th April

111 anglers caught 567 fish keeping 122

Rod Average 5.1

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 12oz

Sunday 6th
7 Anglers caught 61 Rainbows. Rod average 8.7.
9 fish were kept at an average weight of 3lb.
Sunday was a cold day the air temp stayed around 4c and the gale force winds that were forecast didn’t come, heavy snow did come at 3pm and by 5pm 3in had fallen and all anglers had left. Mark Walker and Andy Saunders caught 44 between them fishing off the wood side from a boat booth fished Buzzers and small Cats Whisker under an indicator. Andy had the best rainbow of the day at 10lb 6oz. Dave Walker fished from the moor side and caught 11 rainbows to 5lb on Black Cormorant.

Monday 7th
3 Anglers caught 36 Rainbows. Rod average 12
3 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb.
All roads to Lockwood were blocked for a time this morning; we had 6in of snow on the car park and around the banks. Three anglers fished from 12 to 6pm and all had fish Mark walker had 25 John McGarrell 10 and Michel Kilvington 1

Tuesday 8th
14 Anglers caught 65 Rainbows. Rod average 4.6
13 fish were kept at an average weight of 3lb 6oz
A Clark caught a 10lb 7oz rainbow from the jetty. Mark Walker caught 20 from the dam and boat. Malcolm Jefferson caught 19 boat fishing out from the moor side and boat angler Tim Grove caught a nice 10lb 4oz rainbow fishing out from the jetty.

Wednesday 9th
20 Anglers caught 68 Rainbows and 1 Brown. Rod average 3.4
24 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz
Bank Angler G Lister caught 9 from the Whitby end of the dam. Jim Tate fished from a boat out from the wood side and caught 8 rainbows and one brown of 7lb.

Thursday 10th
24 Anglers caught 93 Rainbows and 3 browns. Rod average 3.8 20 fish were kept at an average weight of 3lb
Bank angler John McGarrell caught 12 on buzzers and small lures from the dam and moor side. John Kept the best Brown of the season so far at 8lb.The fish took a short shank size 12 White Tadpole fished on a floating line from the moor side,it had 13 cigarette ends and quit a large decomposed fish in side it. Anglers should not discard cigarette ends in or around the fishery, as they are bad for fish and wild life. Les Spedding caught 13 on buzzers from the overflow end of the dam fishing into quiet a strong wind. Boat angler Paul Madison caught 13 keeping 2 for 12lb best a lovely 10lb rainbow. Malcolm Jefferson had 14 from a boat and wheel chair angler George Binks caught 10 from the weeley boat George returned two 4lb 8oz browns.

Friday 11th
21 Anglers caught 114 Rainbows. Rod average 5.4
22 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 7oz
The strong cold SSE winds on the morning kept catches low the wind did drop after lunch and went SW and with a rise in temperature anglers started to catch from all over the lake. All but one of the 21 who fished caught. Boat angler Les Davison and his grandson caught 20 between them on Dawson’s Nomad. John McGarrell caught 19 from both ends of the dam on Buzzers and Mark Walker had 20 from the jetty and overflow end of the dam on his favoured method of Cats Whisker and indicator.

Stocked on Friday 11th with 240 rainbows and browns from 1lb 8oz to 5lb

Saturday 12th
22 Anglers caught 126 Rainbows. Rod average 5.7
28 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz
Colin Lynas and John McGarrell Had good Catches from the overflow end of the dam Colin had 18 on Dawson’s Nomad and John 15 on buzzer and lures. Graham Hill kept another very good over wintered brown of 5lb caught on Dawson’s Olive. Simon Robinson had 10 from the Moor side returning another good 5lb brown. Boat anglers also did well with Gary Varley catching 12 on buzzer and Andrew France caught 13 on Dawson’s Nomad. Both anglers returned fish over 4lb.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 8.15pm